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Jobs in Lancaster, PA: Introducing Your New Career Coach!

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is filled with meaningful job prospects. The region features a tight labor market, meaning candidates with the right skills have an excellent opportunity to find a well-paying position. At the same time, an affordable cost of living and relatively low tax rates provide additional value for job seekers.

Clearly, Lancaster represents an excellent place to drive your career forward. However, getting the most out of the opportunity takes specific local knowledge. At the same time, you’ll need a deep understanding of the general staffing environment. You can get that through TriStarr, your Lancaster career coach.

TriStarr offers unparcelled insight into the local market. The staffing firm can help you navigate the top Lancaster employers. Meanwhile, TriStarr has access to hidden jobs, opportunities that might not be available in public job search engines, like Indeed.

Job Prospects in Lancaster, PA

To get a better understanding of the job market in the Lancaster area, let’s look at the region’s economy. How does it stack up with the rest of the country? How easy is it to find a job, and how well do those positions pay?

According to stats compiled by, here are some of the key economic statistics for Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania:

Unemployment Rate

Lancaster County, PA: 3.4%

U.S. National Average: 3.9%

Sales Tax Rate

Lancaster County, PA: 6.0%

U.S. National Average: 7.3%

Income Tax Rate

Lancaster County, PA: 3.1%

U.S. National Average: 4.6%

Average Annual Income (Per Person)

Lancaster County, PA: $26,892

U.S. National Average $28,555

Median Annual Household Income

Lancaster County, PA: $57,120

U.S. National Average: $53,482

Looking over the stats, Lancaster County boasts a strong job market. The unemployment rate in the region runs below the already-historically-low national average. This indicates a tight labor situation, which benefits workers. Businesses have trouble filling positions, which gives an edge to qualified, talented job seekers.

Average income in the Lancaster area trends a little below the national average. That said, the median household income comes in a little above what you’d see nationwide. Taken together, these stats suggest a competitive wage situation.

But even if other places in the country might offer higher wages, Lancaster has the additional benefit of a relatively affordable cost of living. You end up with more buying power, with low tax rates, allowing you to keep more of the money you earn.

Top Industries in Lancaster, PA

To find success in the Lancaster area, you need to have the skills that employers in the region need. That requires a closer look at the makeup of the economy.

The top industry in the region (again, according to is manufacturing. The data show that 16.5% of jobs in Lancaster County relate to the manufacturing sector. That figure tops the national average, which shows only 10.4% of jobs nationwide going to factory work.

The second most important industry in the region is health care and social assistance. This segment represents 14.8% of the job market in Lancaster. That’s slightly above the national average of 13.8%.

Third on the list of top industries in the region goes to retail trade. Lancaster provides 12.3% of its jobs in the retail sector, compared to 11.6% for the U.S. as a whole.

Taken together then, the manufacturing, retail, and health care/social assistance segments make up about 43.6% of Lancaster job market. Skills in any of these segments will provide you with an excellent opportunity to find a position.

However, even with the right skill sets, finding the perfect position for you can be a challenge. By teaming with a top recruiter, like TriStarr, you benefit from an industry-best local understanding. At the same time, you get access to jobs not visible in search engines.

Contact TriStarr today to find out how they can jumpstart your job search in Lancaster, PA.

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