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How to hire employees to fit your company culture

Culture has been a hot topic in the recruiting industry for a few years now. Still, there are companies that continue to either overlook its importance or misunderstand its meaning. There are a variety of ways that workplace culture has an impact on the hiring process, and it can be difficult for both parties if an employee finds they’re not adjusting to their new working environment well.

When hiring for new candidates, it’s crucial to remember that there is more to a person than just the set of skills they bring to the table. It’s likely that you will find several candidates who meet the requirements for a position you’re looking to fill. But something else you need to consider is how candidates will make a positive addition to the team, and if they’ll flourish.

Defining Your Culture

Before you can hire the best fit for your company culture, you first need to know what your culture is.

If you’re unsure, it’s actually easier to figure out than you’d think.

Every business has a culture. It’s communicated to employees in the way you do business and in the values you hold as an employer. A business can easily make the mistake of thinking culture is rooted in “how things are done here,” instead of who they are as collective group of people. Think about what it is that you value in your workplace and about your coworkers. Think about the mission statement of your business, the initiatives you pursue, the benefits you offer, and the way you motivate your employees. What remains constant as your company changes? These are major factors in your company culture and should help you to determine the type of candidate you want to hire.

Defining A Good Fit

One way to determine if a candidate will be a great fit is to ask the right questions during an interview and knowing what types of answers you’d like to hear. Instead of asking a candidate how they did something, try asking them why they did it. How does their answer align with your company’s mission or values? Hearing the intentions behind their actions is an excellent way of seeing what type of business culture they’d thrive in. And, more importantly, if they’d thrive in yours.

For instance, if a candidate gives technical responses to questions when you were hoping for more creative answers, you’ll know that their thought process might not be a natural fit for how you like to do business. On the other hand, if you can approach the question again and coach them towards an answer you were looking for, you could find they’d be a great fit with the right mentoring.

It’s important to be wary of mistakes when it comes to hiring for company culture. Many employers get stuck on looking attractive to a subset of candidates by advertising different aspects of their offices that don’t actually have anything to do with how they work as a company. What they can end up doing is defining their culture incorrectly. Adding a ping-pong table and having an office dog is a great way to recruit candidates, but these office perks alone may not truly define your company culture. Showcasing that you offer a free gym membership to employees and pet bereavement as part of your benefits package, however, will let a candidate know that your company culture focuses on creating an environment where physical and mental health are valued.

How TriStarr Helps

It’s not always easy to determine what makes a candidate tick in one interview. Even when you ask the right questions and you hear the right answers, you’ve only spent about a short time with them. The recruiting process with TriStarr addresses this. Not only do we perform a thorough review of all of our applicants and speak with their references, we take several additional steps to help us pinpoint their best placement.

All of the recruits supplied by TriStarr undergo a behavioral and personality assessment so we can get a feel for their professional fit. We also meet to prepare them for their interview and to get their feedback after their interview. This can help to alleviate doubts from you as an employer on both quality of the candidate and their fit. It also saves the time it takes employers to thoroughly vet prospective employees. In total, TriStarr has six points of contact with our recruits before they even get to interview for an open position.

TriStarr strives to get to know both the company we are hiring for and our recruits in order to provide a guaranteed match. This is one reason a staffing agency provides value to businesses. Just as we wouldn’t want to send you an unqualified candidate, we also wouldn’t want to send one of our recruits to an interview where they wouldn’t be a likely cultural fit. Without this screening process, employers can be faced with screening every applicant based only on what they’ve placed in their resume. TriStarr gives your interviewing process the extra edge of having reviewed that resume for you and much more before sending you a recruit that fits the culture you’ve created.


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