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“Am I Being Paid Enough?” Here’s What You Should Know If You Work in Lancaster, PA

How do you know if you’re being paid fairly? To answer this question, it’s essential to look at the salaries in your area. Lancaster, PA, features lots of vibrant labor markets. By looking at the typical salary for your industry, you can see whether you are earning your market value at your current position.

It’s often hard to know if you are fairly compensated. Many factors go into the calculation: experience, skill level, and the particular job. Along with these aspects, you need to consider where you live. Figuring out whether you are being paid fairly means comparing your salary with the amounts earned by others in your industry.

With these factors in mind, here are a few in-demand jobs in the Lancaster area and the salaries you can expect from each one:


According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an accountant in the Lancaster area runs to $50,614. This is about 6% below the national average. The low end of the scale comes in at about $37,000, with high-end accountants in the area earning just short of $70,000.


Positions in the finance and banking industry are very diverse. On the higher end, these jobs require specialized training and certifications.

Focusing first on entry-level positions in the industry, the wages for a bank teller in the Lancaster area average around $12 an hour. This amount ranges from around $11 on the low end to $14 on the high end, according to figures compiled by Glassdoor.

Looking to higher-level positions in the industry, a finance manager in the Lancaster area would earn about $120,000. That’s the median salary reported by This scale runs from below $92,000 on the low end to above $150,000 on the high end.


Glassdoor’s data shows an average salary for an administrative assistant in Lancaster of $39,550. The range for admin positions is very wide. On the low end, there are positions offering around $26,000 a year. However, the high end shows a few admin gigs with annual salaries of about $56,000.

Meanwhile, a separate set of data supplied by offers a slightly higher mid-range, though the range is significantly tighter. These figures show a median salary of around $41,000, with a range between about $36,700 and $46,600.


Information Technology is a broad profession, with many different potential positions available. Each of these has its experience requirements, meaning a full range of salaries offered for the various opportunities.

First, let’s look at IT associates. In Pennsylvania, these professionals earn an average of $45,217 a year, according to data compiled by ZipRecruiter. The low-end of the wage scale comes in at $22,239. On the other end of the spectrum, there are jobs available for a salary of around $85,000.

Now, let’s drill down on another position in the field, that of IT generalist. According to, these jobs pay a median salary of $70,134 in Pennsylvania. The lower 10% in the field earn around $59,000, while the top tier receives a wage above $81,000.


Management positions can vary greatly in terms of both compensation and responsibilities. The exact amount offered will depend on the industry and the precise requirements of the specific employer.

That said, Glassdoor shows an average manager’s salary for Lancaster at $58,522. As would be expected, the range for these positions is extremely wide. On the low end, salaries run in the $36,000 range. Higher-end situations offer a salary of around $93,000.

Those figures cover general management positions. However, managers in particular fields, requiring additional education and experience, can earn even more. Just to look at an industry we’ve already touched on, let’s concentrate on management positions within information technology. IT managers earn $119,739 in Pennsylvania. That’s the median figure, according to The low end of this range hovers around $96,000, while the earners can bring in more than $140,000.

Making sure you are earning a fair wage for your position requires deep knowledge of both your industry and your local market. You can get that from a top-ranked recruiting firm, like TriStarr.

Contact TriStarr today to find the best position for your skills and experience.

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