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Chat programs to help you better manage your business remotely

Moving into another week of the state-wide stay-at-home order, most businesses in the Lancaster, PA, and surrounding areas are experiencing one of two scenarios: the team is hitting their stride, or the team is still figuring out how to communicate well. If you find your business in the latter group, TriStarr can help. We’ve put together a list of accessible video chat, conference call, and group chat programs to help you better manage your team remotely. And they’ll even be useful once you’re back in the office.


Video chat services to keep your team connected

With face-to-face meetings out of the question, video conferencing offers a virtual substitute. These popular video-chatting services are gaining popularity as teams continue to work from home. Many temp-staffing agencies, like TriStarr, are utilizing these programs to continue their hiring capabilities as well.



Offering a large set of features, Zoom has quickly become one of the most used video chat services in 2020. The interface is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and any web browser, making it accessible for all devices. To maintain the free version, users must keep calls with three or more participants under forty minutes.



Teams provides many features that Zoom does but is priced per user instead of per account for a premium subscription. If you’re already using Microsoft software as part of your business, this may be the best platform for your team as you won’t have to learn how to navigate a new interface.



Skype was one of the first video chatting services to gain traction years ago. Skype’s greatest feature is its international call and text capabilities, making it ideal for those who have business overseas. Don’t let Skype’s far-reaching potential keep you from using it in the U.S., however. Connecting with callers locally is as smooth of a process as connecting globally.


Conference call services for participants in multiple locations

Conference calling is nothing new for many businesses or staffing agencies. In office settings throughout Lancaster, conference calls often take place around a single speakerphone. With callers participating from multiple locations, however, a calling service that can be accessed from anywhere will be needed.



Considered one of the most popular and easy to use conference call services, RingCentral allows users of its free plan to invite up to one hundred participants for forty-minute calls. In addition to being a conference call platform, it also offers VoIP phone service.



Although GoToMeeting is a paid service, it includes several comprehensive features that make it a great solution for more than just conference calls. In addition to being able to host up to one hundred and fifty call participants on the professional plan, GoToMeeting also gives you access to video conferencing, screen sharing capabilities, and unrestricted time limits for calls.



UberConference is a simple option that smaller businesses can benefit from. Companies can have up to ten participants as part of the free plan and still access features like call recording and mobile app access.


Text and messaging programs for quick communication

Instant messaging is not just for millennials. While employees are separated, chat programs offer an effective way to communicate in real-time without adding to a personal cell-phone bill. Text and messaging services are also no longer frowned upon in business settings. Everyone from employees at the best staffing agencies to tech startups is using chat services to communicate more quickly.



This simple platform has become one of the most used chat services in team collaboration settings over the past several years. It is marketed to businesses that are looking for basic instant messaging capabilities. Slack also allows you to share files with other users and sync your account across different devices.


Google Hangouts

If you’re using Google for your business and you work out of a Gmail account, Google Hangouts is already available to you and your team. Co-workers can easily create group chats according to projects to discuss progress and troubleshoot together. And you can do it all without leaving your email platform.



While Skype is known for video chats, it also has a messaging platform that works just as smoothly. If you’re already utilizing the video portion of Skype, your team can easily transition into using the group messaging system to keep the communication process streamlined.


It’s great to be able to use technology to help teams connect during these unprecedented times, but it may be a good idea to use these programs for some socializing as well. As a manager, you can keep morale high by opening a chat dedicated to personal conversations where employees can share pictures of their pets or home office set-up. Team bonding can also come in the form of a weekly virtual happy hour every Friday. These laid-back moments can be captured for social media content so your followers can feel more connected to your team as well.

While it is unclear when work-from-home mandates will end, your team’s connection can still thrive with the use of technology. If you are in the Lancaster, PA area, and in search of recruiting advice, team management tips, or staffing resources, TriStarr can help. Our teams are working remotely as well, but all of our hiring, interviewing, and consulting capabilities are still active thanks to many of the programs listed above. Visit our website for more information on all the services we have available.

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