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My New Hiring Process: COVID-19 Made Me Do It

You spent years perfecting your hiring process, fine-tuning it to the point where it ran like a well-calibrated engine. Then COVID-19 came along. Boom…there goes your perfect hiring machine. Now, you have to rework your process to fit the social-distancing rules created in the wake of the coronavirus.

Of course, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused massive disruption across the business world. However, it hasn’t completely frozen all activity. As with any market shift, you need to ascertain the changes and adjust.

Besides, even when the danger of COVID-19 passes, remote hiring processes still have value. The changes you put in place now don’t have to be temporary. You can use the tragic situation to facilitate a permanent improvement.

At the very least, you are prepared in case a similar crisis comes up again. However, these procedures have value beyond plagues and disasters. You can also leverage these practices to improve your normal recruiting process.

In fact, the coronavirus outbreak has only accelerated a trend that was already taking hold in the HR world. Six out of every 10 hiring managers are already using video technology as part of their normal routine. The ability to shorten the hiring timeframe and to access a broader geographical pool of talent are among the top reasons for leveraging video in the hiring process.


Better Hiring Through Video

The main difference in remote recruiting and the typical procedures shows up at the interview stage. Using teleconferencing options, like Skype or Zoom, lets you talk with candidates, without forcing them to come into your office.

Using video provides some obvious advantages. You gain significant scheduling flexibility. Meanwhile, your hiring team can also participate remotely, even in a post-COVID world. For instance, video eliminates the need for everyone to plan their day around meeting in the conference room at a certain time.

Upgrading your interview process to include more remote options can provide a more engaging candidate experience. One study showed that 57% of candidates preferred live video interviews, compared to the 34% who ranked the in-person option as their first choice.


Getting the Most Out of Your Remote Hiring

It’s clear that even after the threat of the coronavirus passes, there are significant benefits to incorporating some remote techniques into your normal hiring routine. But how? What can you do to get the most value out of your newly upgraded recruitment process?

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

Keep It Simple

Remember, the basics of the hiring process remain the same, even though you have to update some of the specific procedures. You are still judging a candidate by the same criteria. You still want impeccable communication skills and a deep level of experience.


Include Other People

When candidates come to your office, you can gather information in covert ways. You can observe how the applicants treat receptionists and security guards, or you can casually introduce them to members of the team and gather additional opinions from their prospective coworkers. These opportunities are largely lost during remote interviews.

However, you should still find ways to get others involved. Include multiple people on video interviews, which allows you to collect perspectives from different contributors. Or, if you want to avoid overwhelming a candidate all at once, consider a multi-step approach. Schedule a few shorter interviews with various interested parties for more one-on-one time.


Contract/Freelance Work

You might not get the same amount of data with a remote training process as you would using in-person interviews. Still, there are to counteract this, minimizing the risk of a bad hiring decision.

Instead of offering a full-time staff position immediately, consider an intermediate step instead. Bring in promising candidates on a freelance basis for a trial period. That way, you can review their abilities and work habits first hand, before making a long-term decision.



Ready to Recruit?

COVID-19 may change the form of the hiring process, but the basics of recruitment stay the same. You still need expert advice and a firm understanding of the job market. Partnering with a strong staffing firm, like TriStarr, provides these benefits.

Contact TriStarr today to maximize your hiring process and to take your team to the next level.

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