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Keeping employees and business information safe from cyber threats while working remotely

Working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic has become the norm for many businesses across Pennsylvania. And while moving communications online has conveniently allowed various companies and staffing agencies like TriStarr to continue hiring, recruiting, and running smoothly, there are risks involved that might be new to businesses unaccustomed to operating strictly online. Protecting employees, company software, and secure information against cyber-attacks is one of the biggest challenges remote workers are facing. Businesses that may be working remotely for the foreseeable future can take several precautions to make sure their employees – and their company information – are protected.

Encourage employees to use a secure WiFi network

Something all online users should know is that public or unsecured WiFi networks are prone to cyber hacks. Public WiFi connections are convenient and accessible in many places and people often connect when in a coffee shop doing work or when traveling and staying at a hotel. Even though the stay at home mandate limits the ability to go anywhere public, it doesn’t mean that public or unsecured connections aren’t available for a free connection. Employees working from home should make sure to only use a secure WiFi network, a personal hotspot, or, even better, a VPN connection supplied by an employer. It may be tempting to save a few dollars by connecting to a public WiFi, but what can be lost during that connection usually outweighs the benefits.

Encrypt emails with sensitive information

Because communications over email, text, or chat will be more frequent as businesses work remotely, it’s much more likely that private company data will be discussed or shared more than ever over these platforms. Using a secure network is only the first step in protecting remote employees and businesses. In the event that sensitive information needs to be shared, encrypting these emails and messages or utilizing a password to open documents to access data will lower the threat of theft and cyber hacks. Taking these precautions is especially important for staffing agencies like TriStarr in Lancaster, that gather personal information during the hiring and recruiting process with potential candidates.

Educate employees on best practices

Equally as crucial as carrying out all cybersecurity measures is educating remote staff on how and why these actions are necessary. Consistently updating best practices protecting against cyber threats will ensure that all employees are taking every step to protect not only themselves but the company at large. Even the most diligent employees can be unaware of phishing scams and intricate cyber threats disguised as emails appearing to be normal. Besides emails, video conferences and chat systems are also at risk for hacks. All employees should be made aware of how to keep every piece of software, or any platform being used for business, as secure as possible on a recurring basis.

TriStarr consistently keeps a pulse on new security measures to ensure that the online application process and video interviews offered to potential temp-staffing candidates or recruits are safe and all platforms are running smoothly. Ranked as one of the best staffing agencies in Pennsylvania, TriStarr takes all cybersecurity measures seriously in order to deliver the best experience for clients and candidates. TriStarr will continue to do so as our teams work remotely.

To learn more about TriStarr and how our hiring, recruiting, and staffing capabilities can help you, please visit our website. You may also use our online application to apply for any open positions on our job board.  Whether you are looking for a new opportunity or recruitment and HR management, TriStarr is here to assist you.  Voted as one of Lancaster’s leading staffing agencies, TriStarr is ready to see how we can be successful together. Contact TriStarr today to see how we can work together.




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