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Helping the Class of 2020 Find Work

Thanks to COVID-19, the class of 2020 will experience a very strange entry into the working world. No end-of-year parties. No nostalgic final day of class. They won’t even get a traditional graduation ceremony. It’s an eerie way to enter the “real world.”

Yet, despite the unusual circumstances surrounding their graduation, these new entries into the labor market can’t linger over their bizarre final year of school. They have to launch their new careers. And, from a business standpoint, the class of 2020 represents a significant staffing opportunity. After all, they still represent the future of our economy.

Statistics show that about 4 million people will graduate from college this year. That’s a sizable labor pool to draw from. You just have to take the steps necessary to get the most out of that opportunity.

It’s important to recognize the unusual circumstances these candidates face following graduation. From there, you can take the steps necessary to ease their transition into the professional realm. Here are a few things you can do:


Actively Seek New Graduates

Of course, you should be open to hiring people fresh out of school. But you can also take this process a step further. You can actively seek out these candidates.

This isn’t just a matter of being nice. You can gain significant benefits from targeting recent graduates. Here are a few of the upsides you can gain from hiring team members who have just finished school:

  • Lower Cost
  • High Enthusiasm
  • Trained in Up-to-Date Techniques
  • In Touch with Younger Markets

By specifically searching for recent graduates, you can tap into these opportunities. It broadens your institutional knowledge and helps you create a more diverse team.


Adjust Your Requirements

Almost by definition, new college graduates will lack professional experience. If you rank this attribute high in your recruitment process, you will automatically eliminate most new entries in the workforce.

To avoid this, alter your requirements. Tweak the way you rank resumes to allow more recent graduates to reach the interview stage. You can do this by deemphasizing professional experience as a qualification. Or, as an alternative, accept academic alternatives in lieu of on-the-job activities, things like internships or individual specialized classes.


Add Flexibility to Your Hiring Process

To bridge the gap for recent graduates, you don’t just have to make allowances in the way you conceive the job you are offering. You also have to make changes to your hiring procedures. In other words, you need to keep the Class of 2020 in mind as you plan how you will conduct your recruiting process.

Consider the particular problems faced by people coming out of college now. To offset these challenges, you might require more remote hiring, even after the threat COVID-19 has passed. You might also consider including different perspectives in the recruitment process, like tapping younger employees to participate. Doing this might allow you to get a more accurate read on your new generation of candidates.


Contract/Part-Time Opportunities

The coronavirus has created havoc in any pre-set 2020 business plans. You might not have the budget you thought you would have back in January. And, even if you do, your outlook for the future is certainly muddier than it used to be. All this might make you reluctant to add full-time staff.

Despite the foggy business climate, you can still offer opportunities for new graduates. Consider developing part-time or contract roles that can be filled with people just out of school. For your young workers, these jobs will grant them access to experience (and a chance to start earning a living). Meanwhile, you’ll keep the flexibility you need to manage uncertain times, while simultaneously building a relationship with your new team members.


Adding recent graduates can bring important skills and perspectives to your team. Getting the most out of these workers involves having the right recruiting process in place. Partnering with a strong staffing firm, like TriStarr, lets you find the perfect additions to your staff.

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