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Should I Prepare My Business for a Second Wave of COVID-19?

The outbreak of the coronavirus has caused widespread damage to the economy and has pushed many businesses to the brink. Finally, there are signs the crisis might be lifting. However, another threat looms: a second wave. How much do you need to prepare your business for a second wave of COVID-19?

Of course, you should always be prepared. When the virus prompted lockdowns and business restrictions in mid-March, it came as a complete shock. A bolt from the blue. As just one sign of the suddenness of the crisis, look at the unemployment rate. Under 4% in February. Nearly 15% in May.

Now, the jobless rate is ticking back down, and even the hardest-hit states are starting to open up their economies. However, that doesn’t mean we’re in the clear. Many experts predict a second wave of infection, which would likely prompt a new round of restrictions.

Understandably, many businesses weren’t prepared for the first wave. Today, we’re in a better place to get ready for what’s possibly to come. Here are some steps you can take to prepare for a second wave of COVID-19:


Stay Informed

During the pandemic, facts on the ground have changed quickly. To prepare for a potential second wave, you need to stay informed. Information you gathered just a couple of weeks ago (or even a couple days ago) might be out of date now. Make research a constant process, so you have the data you need to plan appropriately.


Create Action Plans

Because it happened so quickly, the response to the initial pandemic was largely determined on the fly. Within a week or two, some areas went from “business as usual” to nearly complete lockdown. You had to act quickly, without a concrete action plan to guide your decisions.

The second wave shouldn’t come as a similar shock. The fact that we’re talking about it now proves that there is an opportunity to plan ahead. Don’t squander this chance. Put together a step-by-step program that defines how you will act in response to a second COVID outbreak.


Prepare for Multiple Contingencies

But what should this plan include? Unfortunately, given the dynamic nature of the situation, a single set of procedures might not fit every possible eventuality. You’ll have to make multiple plans. Try to envision many possible scenarios, and create separate plans in each case. That way, you will have the bases covered no matter what happens.


Work on Infrastructure

One of the main issues faced by companies in the first wave of the coronavirus came from the basic technological requirements. Firms just didn’t have the infrastructure necessary to maximize the productivity of remote workers.

Make sure this doesn’t again. The lifting of restrictions gives you an opportunity to put the right backbone in place to handle a second wave. Get the hardware and software you need to better respond the second time around. At the same time, make sure your employees have all the training they need to thrive with the technology you provide.


Talk to Your Customers

Think of the first coronavirus outbreak as a valuable learning experience. Getting ready for a potential second wave requires learning as much as you can from your customers. Quiz them about their needs and learn how you can continue to provide the best service possible during the next lockdown.


Keep Employees in the Loop

Your employees represent another important source of insights as you get ready for a potential future outbreak. Gather their feedback about how you handled the initial coronavirus crisis. They might have useful suggestions on how to improve your procedures next time around.

At the same time, create a responsive communication system. The COVID situation is likely to remain fluid. You want to stay as flexible as possible, which means being able to disseminate instructions to your workers as efficiently as possible.


Having the right employees is the key to succeeding in any situation. By teaming with a strong recruiting partner, like TriStarr, you ensure that you have the right people in place to weather any crisis.

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