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SHOW ME THE MONEY – Top 3 Ways Staffing Agencies Save Your Company Money

show me the money!

Who doesn’t want to save money? Running a business is expensive and partnering with a staffing agency is one of the tools that can help save you money. The old adage is true, “you have to spend money to make money,” and businesses incur a number of costs that are just part of conducting business. You have payroll, benefits, workstations, and all sorts of other things that pop up that simply cost money.

Here are three ways that staffing agencies can save your company money!

1. Limit Your Hiring Costs

When you have a job that needs to be filled, the first place you think to go is the internet. However, that isn’t free! How do you write a great job description? How do you post a job so that the best candidates apply and not just someone from the middle of nowhere?

When you partner with a staffing company, they can write a killer job description for you. Check out some of our favorites here. Writing job descriptions is in our wheelhouse, so leave it to the experts who do it every day. Staffing companies also have robust access to job boards like Indeed and the ability to boost ads which means they get seen. Finding qualified candidates involves screening hundreds of resumes and interviewing dozens of applicants. Many companies don’t have the time or personnel to dedicate to this daunting, yet very important, task. Staffing companies do all of the preliminary screening, recruiting and testing, so all a business needs to do is interview the most qualified candidates and make a hiring decision.

2. No Benefits Costs

When you employ a temporary worker through a staffing agency, at first glance, it may seem more expensive per hour. In the long run, working with an agency is much cheaper. One major reason for this is benefits. COVID made paramount the need for benefits for people working, but, let’s face it, benefits are expensive. Benefits are one of the main deciding factors when employees are choosing who they want to work for. They may love your company and your culture, but if they don’t love your benefits or you don’t offer them, they will look elsewhere. Staffing companies like TriStarr who offer their own benefit packages allow you to keep your overhead lower in the long run and not worry about meeting ACA requirements. When you look at potential expenses, this makes a considerable difference.

3. Decrease Turnover

By controlling your workforce and utilizing temporary staffing, you only work with employees for the length of time you need them. A staffing agency takes care of all of the background checks, onboarding and tax paperwork needed when hiring anyone, saving you time and money. Conversely, when work slows down, layoffs are handled by the staffing firm. Having the ability to control your workforce with temporary employees means that you can have a core group of workers and add or subtract from your workforce as needed. This allows you to pinpoint your finances and organize workers in such a way to benefit your company as a whole.

Not having only permanent employees on your payroll can lower your overall payroll expenses as well. Have a project that you can’t spare an employee for, but would only take a few months to complete? Hire a temp! This way, you have someone to complete that project, but you don’t have any of the costs associated with a permanent employee. It’s a win-win for both parties. If you have maxed out your payroll but still need workers, using temps is a great way to pull from another budget area, but still get workers. When COVID threw budgets into chaos, many companies instituted a hiring freeze. To ensure their staffing needs were met, companies were able to use staffing agencies like TriStarr to fill in the gaps temporarily.

BONUS: Try Candidates and get the perfect one!

Are you working with a temp who is simply perfect? You can hire them on. If you find that you do have a permanent need, a temp-to-hire scenario is a great chance to see a candidate’s potential. The temporary period essentially becomes a three-month job interview. After this time frame, if a TriStarr temporary employee knocks your socks off, you can bring them onto your payroll as a permanent employee with no additional fees.

TriStarr and staffing agencies are always here to help your company save money. Our motto is good people, guaranteed, and we stick by that. Reach out to see how we can help you and your company today.



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