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Everything There is to Know About Administrative Office Work in Lancaster, PA

Anyone searching for a new job right now knows that the market is highly competitive. For administrative professionals, the competition can be even bigger. There are a large number of candidates with their eyes on executive administrative assistant jobs, making them harder to land than other types of jobs. So, before you set your sights on any single position, here is everything you need to know about administrative office work in Lancaster, PA.

What are Administrative Job Duties?

Administrative assistants often get categorized as office secretaries. However, admins have a wide range of different responsibilities on the job. The specific duties you perform on the job will largely depend on the industry and employer. In general, administrative assistants will control the flow of communication through the office. Other common admin tasks include basic accounting, purchasing and distributing materials, scheduling meetings, along with the tasks listed below.

Scheduling/Project Management

Scheduling and project management are important parts of being an administrative assistant. Admins are often put in charge of multiple managers’ schedules. You will need to be able to access everyone’s calendar and help schedule meetings and other work duties in a way that allows everyone to be productive. This might include scheduling company events like parties, getting appointments on the books for clients and supervisors, in-office meetings, and travel itineraries.


In some cases, admins will be given some bookkeeping responsibilities as well. This is usually the case in smaller companies where there isn’t a specified employee to handle accounting. Bookkeeping tasks may include a wide number of things, depending on the companies needs. You may be put in charge of monitoring daily transactions, updating accounts, processing payments, creating invoices, and even completing some payroll tasks. So, having knowledge of QuickBooks and basic bookkeeping skills can benefit you in your search for administrative office work.


Planning and organization are key skills for administrative assistants to have too. You will be in charge of multiple appointment books and calendars. Not to mention, admins are usually the people who keep the rest of the office running in an orderly fashion. This may include taking inventory of office supplies, submitting orders, and filing paperwork.

Answering Phone Calls

Admins need to be comfortable speaking on the phone and spoken communication. You will often need to facilitate communication between supervisors and clients. Much of the time, you serve as the middle man when meeting times are being decided and scheduled. A lot of this is done over the phone. You may also have to take messages occasionally and relay the information in a timely and appropriate manner.

Generating Reports

Administrative professionals are also often tasked with generating reports. Depending on the needs of the company, you may be asked to produce financial reports or general progress reports. Whatever the case may be, you need to be able to produce accurate information in a way that everyone can understand.

Event Coordination

In addition to scheduling, admins are in charge of coordinating company events like conferences, picnics, and other meetings. When coordinating events you may have to work with venue directors to rent space or ensure meeting rooms are available. Like the rest of the admin duties listed here, it requires a lot of organization.

What Skills are Employers Looking for in Administrative Candidates?

Now that you know a bit about what administrative professionals do on the job, you may be wondering what you need in order to get an admin job. Good communication skills and organizational skills will both lend a helping hand as an administrative candidate. Employers also commonly look for the skills listed below.

Excellent Verbal and Written Communication

As mentioned above, admins are typically in charge of facilitating communication throughout the organization. You will have to interact with your employer, supervisors, clients, and employees every single day. Being able to effectively communicate is important. On the phone or in person, you need to speak loudly and clearly. When communicating via email or written means, you need to use professional language and be concise so the information portrayed is clear.

Technical Literacy

Being an administrative assistant also requires some kind of technical literacy. You will have to use a variety of different technologies to perform everyday tasks. This may include document management, faxing, desktop publishing, word processing, Outlook, and other specific tech skills. The level of technical literacy required will depend on the company and its needs.

Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint

In addition to some technical literacy, you will need to have a good understanding of Microsoft Office. Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are all commonly used in office settings to share information and document various business processes. Administrative professionals have to know how to use these programs.

Critical Thinking Abilities

Critical thinking is a good skill to have in any position you work. As an admin, you may be the go-to person for clients, supervisors, and employees for a variety of things. Because of this, you will need to have good problem-solving skills to lend a helping hand.

Organizational Management

Organization and planning are a huge part of being an admin. After all, you are a huge part of what keeps the office running efficiently. This means keeping calendars up to date, payroll, checking inventory, along with a number of other tasks to maintain organization across the company.

Interpersonal Skills

Of course, you will have to work one-on-one with people throughout the day. This means you need a certain level of interpersonal skills. You will need to listen to the questions and concerns of employees, clients, and managers. Being able to communicate with each of them and empathize with their feelings will make you a beneficial part of the team.

Types of Administrative Jobs

Choosing a job as an administrative assistant can look different, depending on what industry you are in or what employer you are interested in working with. Below are a few job titles you may come across while you are looking for administrative office work in the Lancaster, PA, area.

Executive Administrative Assistant

One possible job title for administrative professionals is that of an executive admin assistant. These individuals usually lend a helping hand to executive-level employees, such as CEOs and other higher-ups. When working as an executive administrative assistant, you act as the public face for your client. People will go through you to communicate, set up appointments, etc.

Client Services Assistant

Another possible administrative job is client services assistant. Unlike serving an exec, client services assistants deal with customers directly. When something comes up that a supervisor or manager needs assistance with, you will be the person to provide communication. You will also be in charge of solving any given number of problems clients are facing.

Administrative Coordinator

Candidates looking for administrative office work may come across jobs as coordinators. These individuals are in charge of coordinating meetings and other company events. They will also help coordinate other communication efforts.

Administrative Services Manager

Services managers are another common administrative job title. This position is another client-facing job where admins deal with customers directly, in addition to working with supervisors and managers.

Succeed in your Next Office Administration Job with the Help of TriStarr

Working with administrative employment agencies or temp agencies for office work can help improve your chances of finding work in this competitive field. TriStarr offers administrative employment solutions to help candidates like you. From reviewing your resume to getting you ready for an interview and onboarding, we can help with everything associated with getting hired.

Our professional recruiters are ready to assist you in your job search. We have decades of experience in successfully placing candidates like you in executive administrative assistant jobs and other office administration work. Contact us to learn more about how TriStarr can help you.

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