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Attracting Diverse Candidates in 2022

Diversity in the workplace has become increasingly important over the years. Without diversity, there is less innovation and lower productivity. Employees thrive in a diverse environment where they feel they can be adequately heard and seen. There is a grocery list of benefits to having a more diverse workforce, but your organization needs to know how to go about attracting diverse candidates first.


Importance of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging in the Workplace


A diverse workplace is one that provides equal opportunities to all of its employees, no matter what their background may be. This means everyone has the same opportunity in the company regardless of their skin color, age, gender, disabilities, etc.

You cannot overstate the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. Every staff member brings different professional and personal experiences to the table. When you place importance on diversity it celebrates and values those differences. That drives up motivation and engagement in the workplace, which directly impacts productivity and profitability.

Retention rates will improve when you have a more diverse workforce. Your available workers will also be more skilled and have new strengths. You’ll also recognize each of the benefits below.


Diversity Attracts Talent

A more diverse workplace will help you attract top talent in your industry. Companies that are known to be more diverse are considered to be a better place to work. You gain a reputation as an employer that is accepting and tolerant. It will also be well-known that you treat all of your employees fairly.


Diversity in the Workplace Stimulates Innovation

Prioritizing diversity will help stimulate innovation in the workplace too. You will have people from all different backgrounds working together towards a common goal. As their different perspectives come together, creativity happens. This is where solutions for problems are thought up and the best ideas are constructed.


Improves Cultural Awareness

In general, having a more diverse workplace helps improve cultural awareness. In today’s world, everyone has the potential to be doing business on a global scale. Everyone is in constant contact through the internet and different technologies. Having a wide range of different cultures present in your workforce can help you when dealing with customers from various corners of the world. An employee that speaks Mandarin, for instance, may come in handy when trying to land a client in China. They can provide insight into the culture and even potentially act as a liaison.


Diverse Recruitment Strategies


It is up to the employer to implement good practices that promote diversity and inclusion. To attract more diverse candidates in the first place, you need to have the proper recruitment strategies in place. This starts with ensuring you have eliminated any potential bias from the hiring process in your organization.


After that, you need to be sure that you are targeting candidates for their long-term potential with your company. Consider what demographics you are missing in your workforce. Think about what you can do to recruit those individuals to come work with you.


Much of what you need to do starts with writing your job description and advertising open positions. Below are a few strategies you can use to attract diverse candidates.


Use Inclusive Language in Job Descriptions

Avoid using limiting language or gendered language in your job descriptions. For example, the words “driven” and “fast-paced” often hold a masculine connotation. Don’t use any jargon that may discourage candidates from applying. Opt for clarity over being flashy. Be clear about the job’s responsibilities and any requirements.


Try not to describe your ideal candidate in the job listing either. If a candidate doesn’t think they meet all of your expectations, they will be less likely to apply, limiting the number of applicants you receive in general.


Advertise Job Postings in Diversity Job Boards

You can find more diverse candidates by posting your job openings in new places. Niche job boards can serve you well in terms of finding top talent in your specific industry. You can push out your job description to diverse job boards and get the information in front of a wide variety of potential applicants.


LinkedIn and other social media platforms are good places to look for more diverse candidates. Maybe you have already connected with a number of diverse individuals in the industry. Tap into these connections online and see if they have any interest in the job.


Promote Commitment to DEI Policies

If you truly want to be successful in the DEI goals you have set for your organization you need to show that you are committed. Include stakeholders in the conversations you are having about diversity. Make it known that creating a more diverse and inclusive environment is a top priority for your company.


You should also go the extra mile by giving applicants a look inside your organization’s diverse work culture. Showcasing your commitment to your DEI policies will help attract more diverse talent. It will help you strengthen your employer brand because your company will be known as one that values the differences in its employees. Candidates will feel confident that you will value their input and perspective if they joined your team.


Workforce Diversity and Talent Management Outsourcing


Outsourcing your workforce diversity and talent management is a way to achieve your DEI goals without applying additional manpower to the effort. Expert diversity recruiting firms can provide you with guidance on how to remove unconscious bias from your hiring process.


The wording around the information regarding company culture can lead to making them feel excluded. Exclusive job requirements, such as education level qualifications and background checks, can also discourage more diverse candidates from applying. They may even see it as an invasion of privacy. When you outsource your talent management, these pieces of information are gathered prior to introducing a candidate to you.


How Partnering with a Diverse Staffing Agency Can Help

Diverse staffing and recruiting agencies can be a huge help when it comes to attracting more diverse candidates. Agencies are oftentimes already plugged into more diverse recruitment communities. We can also help you optimize your DEI efforts and come up with diversity recruiting strategies to meet your goals. It is easy to focus on diversity but lose sight of your organization’s other objectives.

Partnering with a recruitment agency optimizes the entire process. Diverse staffing agencies tap into already-established networks of diverse candidates. Then the agency fields potential applicants based on your specific needs for the role. This gives your company a competitive advantage over others in the industry because the agency finds the best candidate possible with your business goals and DEI priorities all taken into consideration.


Recruit a More Diverse Workforce in Lancaster, PA with TriStarr


Recruiting for diversity can be easier when you work with a staffing agency in Lancaster like TriStarr. Professional staffing and recruiting firms like ours take the time to learn about your company’s diversity and inclusion goals as well as other business objectives. With all the information you provide, we put together a diverse staffing plan for your company that will help you reach those goals.

Let us help you recruit a more diverse workforce. Contact our Lancaster staffing agency to get started.

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