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4 Reasons to Hire an Administrative Temp Agency

When savvy Lancaster, PA companies are in need of admin talent, they connect with a leading administrative staffing services provider to handle their hiring needs. With a skilled administrative temp agency by their side, they can secure talent for short- and long-term needs quickly without sacrificing candidate quality.

Additionally, administrative temp agencies provide ample flexibility, all at a price that companies can afford. If you’re ready to see what a top administrative temp agency in Lancaster, PA, can do for you, here’s a look at what temporary staffing companies do and the benefits of choosing a local recruitment leader.

What Do Temporary Staffing Companies Do?

Temporary staffing companies are specialized hiring solutions that fill short- and long-term positions at companies in their service area. While some recruitment firms are general – offering services for any type of role and supporting all industries – others are specialized, focusing on specific candidate skill areas or select business sectors.

After partnering with a temporary staffing company, businesses begin working with a recruiter with expertise in their operational niche. The recruiter will gather details about the position requirements, company culture, job duration, and more, allowing them to create a profile of the ideal candidate.

Once the recruiter knows the kind of job seeker the role requires, they’ll review their vast candidate database to look for a strong match. Candidates with potential go through additional screening, ensuring they have the precise skills, mentality, and personality to thrive in the job.

Recruiters also conduct additional recruitment efforts to target right-fit candidates as necessary. The recruiters meet candidates where they are, using their expertise to connect with the ideal type of talent and keep them engaged throughout the recruitment, screening, and hiring process.

Once a match is identified, the temporary staffing companies present candidate profiles to the company’s hiring manager. Additionally, the recruiters will coordinate interviews or additional required screening based on the client company’s needs.

After selecting a candidate, temporary staffing companies also perform onboarding duties. Additionally, the recruitment agency handles all payroll responsibilities for temporary or temp-to-hire employees, reducing the administrative burden on the client business.

Once a candidate is placed, temporary staffing companies will also conduct follow-up. This includes speaking with the employee and company about the placement, allowing them to ensure that it’s viewed as successful by all parties.

Benefits of Partnering with an Administrative Temp Agency

Partnering with an admin temp agency provides companies with a wide array of benefits. Here is an overview of just some of what you can expect when working with a leading administrative staffing services provider.

#1 Temp Staffing Lowers Hiring Costs

Recruitment and hiring are cumbersome, costly endeavors. Along with expenses related to advertising the role and screening candidates, these processes take hiring managers away from their other duties. At times, this leads to lost productivity, harming the bottom line.

Additionally, companies have to shoulder the financial burdens related to bringing an employee directly onto their payroll. Salary issuing, benefits administration, unemployment, and workers’ compensation all cost money and time. For short-term hires, this isn’t ideal, particularly since it also increases risk and liability.

By partnering with an administrative temp agency, your recruitment and hiring costs decline dramatically. The recruitment agency will handle all of the position advertising, candidate screening, and job seeker selection processes. Additionally, temp workers remain on the staffing firm’s payroll, eliminating the company’s payroll-related burden while simultaneously reducing risk.

Working with a temporary staffing firm also frees hiring managers up to focus on their core responsibilities. While hiring managers will participate in key steps within the hiring process, such as candidate interviews, they aren’t shouldering the burden of reviewing all incoming resumes, conducting candidate screenings, and onboarding new hires, allowing them to remain fully productive.

#2 Access a Wide Pool of Skilled Admins

In many cases, one of the most challenging aspects of filling short- and long-term roles is connecting with top talent quickly. Traditional approaches like advertising a vacancy online may allow a company to connect with some candidates, but not all of them will be genuinely suitable for the position. As a result, it can take weeks or months to find the ideal match, leaving a job open longer and preventing a team from reaching full productivity.

By partnering with an administrative temp agency, companies get access to a vast pool of skilled admins immediately. Staffing firms are diligent about maintaining databases brimming with experienced, capable, vetted job seekers, including active and passive candidates. Additionally, they focus on candidate engagement, increasing the odds that a right-fit job seeker will consider an opening when presented with an opportunity.

#3 Fill Administrative Jobs Faster with a Temp Agency

By working with an administrative staffing services provider, companies can significantly decrease their time-to-hire. Access to a vast pool of vetted admin talent can shave weeks or months off of the hiring process alone. However, the partnership also expedites hiring in other ways.

For example, staffing firms give you access to a team of skilled recruiters who will handle all of the advertising and screening requirements. Since they specialize in these tasks, they’re able to remain thorough while working quickly. Additionally, they don’t have additional duties beyond recruitment and hiring, unlike company hiring managers.

Recruiters can also handle steps beyond finding right-fit candidates, such as new hire onboarding. This also speeds up the timeline, allowing companies to secure a talented employee in even less time.

#4 Option for Temp-to-Hire Services

Many companies assume that temporary staffing agencies only handle short-term needs. However, the reality is often quite different. Temp staffing companies don’t just fill short-term roles; they also provide companies with unique hiring solutions for longer-term needs.

With temp-to-hire services, a selected candidate initially begins their new role on the recruitment firm’s payroll. This allows companies to conduct working interviews to ensure their perfect match, all while reducing risk.

This approach gives companies flexibility. Should their hiring needs change, they can release the worker from their assignment with ease, allowing the employer to adapt to shifting circumstances. If a candidate is an excellent fit and a long-term need is there, companies have the opportunity to transition the employee onto their payroll.

Temp-to-hire services allow employers and candidates to proceed with confidence in regard to permanent job offers, something that isn’t always possible with traditional hiring. Both the company and the job seeker know whether the role is genuinely a match after the initial temporary period, leading to better long-term hiring results.

Why Hire a Temporary Staffing Company in Lancaster, PA?

When you’re choosing a temporary staffing company, you often have choices. While national firms may boast large candidate databases, that doesn’t mean they’re inherently the better option. Often, many of the job seekers they engage with aren’t in your local area. Additionally, national recruitment agencies may lack area knowledge in regard to local job market trends, which can harm results.

By choosing an administrative temp agency in Lancaster, PA, instead, you get access to recruiters that are part of your community. They understand the nuances of the local labor market, as well as what it takes to keep job seekers engaged and satisfied, leading to better long-term hiring success.

Additionally, the pools of administrative talent are brimming with skilled candidates in your immediate area, allowing you to access the talent you need in less time. Similarly, the recruiters know how to connect with candidates in the region if you have niche needs, allowing them to secure right-fit candidates in less time.

Plus, your recruiter will be physically near your business. This creates opportunities for them to get to know your company on a deeper level. They can meet with hiring managers face-to-face, participate in facility tours, and experience your culture firsthand, all of which leads to higher quality matches.

Ultimately, choosing administrative staffing agencies in Lancaster, PA, gives local companies a better experience. As a result, it’s often the wisest choice for any business operating in the area.

Work with Lancaster’s Top Administrative Temp Agency

Working with the right administrative temp agency in Lancaster, PA for your business matters. By choosing an industry-leading local staffing firm, you get more from the partnership. Along with exceptional access to talent – allowing you to fill openings faster – you’ll get unprecedented support and guidance from recruitment experts.

Your recruiter will spend time getting to know your company and its goals, allowing them to target their recruitment efforts and identify right-fit candidates quickly. Additionally, candidate engagement is a top priority. Since 80 percent of candidates state that a positive experience influences their decision to accept a job offer, that increases the odds that you can secure a highly skilled job seeker who’s enthusiastic about your opportunity.

TriStarr is one of the leading administrative staffing agencies in Lancaster, PA. Our team focuses on admin and professional recruitment services, giving us unique expertise. Finding the right-fit candidates you’re looking for is always our priority. Contact us to learn more about our administrative staffing services today.

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