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Why Work with a Staffing Firm?

My role at TriStarr has been mostly client-facing and working with the companies that use TriStarr to hire employees.  I have spoken and written at length about the benefits of companies using TriStarr to hire employees.

But, what benefit does using TriStarr or another staffing firm bring to job seekers?  There are several.

TriStarr works with well over 100 unique companies every year   We have relationships with hiring managers and HR people who trust us to present qualified candidates.

TriStarr provides options for jobseekers – full-time, part-time, remote, temporary, and permanent.  Think of it as a one-stop shop to manage your job search.

TriStarr provides great benefits.  Our employees are paid weekly.  They qualify for good medical benefits.  At TriStarr, our temporary employees have access to the same benefits as TriStarr’s direct employees –including me – the President.  Our employees earn Paid Time Off (PTO), vacation time, and are eligible for our 401k retirement saving plan as soon as they start working for us!  In fact, in the past, we have had employees turn down full-time employment with our clients because our benefits were better!

If you aren’t familiar with us – have a look at our current open jobs and learn more about TriStarr on our website here HERE.

-Scott Fiore, President

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