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Looking to Elevate Your Career? Work with a Professional Job Recruiter in Lancaster, PA

One could argue that there’s nothing worse than trying to find a job. The process is headache-inducing. Not to mention tedious and time-consuming. When you are out of a job or barely making ends meet, you want to be in a new position as quickly as possible. Yet that can feel nearly impossible. You can spend hours perfectly tailoring your resume and cover letters and send out countless numbers of resumes only to get radio silence in return. No matter how qualified you are, the competition is tough.


However, you have options if you are searching for a new job. Partnering with a professional job recruiter can make the process easy and seamless so that you can find your dream role sooner rather than later. Not sure if it’s the right move for you? We’re giving you eight reasons to use an employment agency.

5 Reasons Why Job Seekers Should Work with Recruiters in Lancaster, PA

Between saving you time, preparing you for interviews, and giving you access to unlisted jobs, there’s a lot of work that a recruiter does to ensure that you are placed in a job that checks all of your boxes.

Professional job recruiters and candidates share the same goal: To get hired!

When you’re hunting for a job, it’s nice to have someone in your corner. That’s exactly what recruiters do. Their goal is to get you hired just as much as your goal is to get a job. Because they get a commission–typically based on what you make in your first year with the company– once you’re placed, they are motivated to prep you, find you the best role, and ensure that you’re interview ready. And that commission doesn’t even come out of your pocket. The company that hired you is their client, therefore, they’re paying the expense.


To take this a step further, they also want you to earn as much money as possible. They have thorough education in the job market, so they’re going to be honest with you about whether an offer you’ve received is fair based on the average salary for that position.

Recruiters serve as a guide or coach

No matter what field you’re going into, having a coach-like figure to help you navigate tough interview questions can be highly beneficial. Remember, the company they are setting you up with is their client, so they know what they are looking for during the interview process.


They can help you make any necessary changes to your resume and cover letter, highlight your strengths and weaknesses, give you tips on how to dress to impress and develop a strategy that showcases your talents in a way that the employer is looking for. They also receive feedback from their clients so you can adjust accordingly for future interviews.

Recruiters have access to unlisted jobs

How often have you found yourself scrolling through LinkedIn or Indeed daily, desperate to find a job opportunity that would fit your skills? You can’t help but hope that every day you log on, the perfect role will appear. Not only can this be disheartening, but it’s also a waste of your time. Job agencies work closely with companies and their hiring managers, which gives them access to unlisted jobs.


In fact, oftentimes, a hiring manager will turn to a recruiter first before taking the time to write up a job posting. That’s a laborious task for them, after all. So what does that mean for you? That means that the role you’ve been dreaming of could be out there–it’s just not on the job boards. It also means you won’t have to fight hundreds of other job seekers to get the position. You’ll be hand-picked by a recruiter that the hiring manager trusts.

Recruiters also have knowledge of the market

Recruiters are experts in their fields, so they are always studying the market to understand how it’s changing and what is needed at any particular time. They understand average salary, employee expectations, hiring complications, necessary skill sets, shortages, industry standards, and more. This means that they’re not only advising you, but they’re also helping the hiring company as well.

Saves you time

There’s no denying that time is money, and if you were applying for jobs, there’s a good chance you’d go broke in the time department. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration, but it can take weeks, sometimes even months, to find the job you want. Then there’s the process of applying, waiting to hear back, and interviewing. There are times you may not even get a response. When using a recruiter, you never have to worry about this. They’re the ones who are going to spend countless hours searching the job boards and other outlets. This gives you more time to focus on more important things, such as spending time with your family, brushing up, and/or learning new skills, etc.

Understand the job seeker’s skills

A good recruiting company will spend time getting to know you and building a strong connection. This allows them to understand what you’re looking for (i.e., your goals, your ideal workplace culture, how you prefer to work, etc.) while also getting a better understanding of your skillset. While that may not seem like a selling point, this approach will ensure that you’re placed with a company that best fits your needs. When a position suits you, you’ll also be less likely to end up jobless in the near future, too.

Long-lasting relationship

Your relationship with your recruiter doesn’t end after your placement. Because you’ve formed a bond, they will be interested in how you’re doing, which means preparing for occasional check-ins. They will want to see how you’re doing and how you like the company, and they will even let you know if there’s an open position that may be a better fit for you. During the check-ins, you must be open and honest with them about how you feel about the company. If you are unhappy or feel as if it’s not the right fit for you, tell them. They can help transition you into a new role without facing a window of unemployment.


They’ll keep their ears open for new opportunities even if you love the company. The job market is constantly shifting, so while you may not have found your forever company, that doesn’t mean the opportunity won’t arise later. Keeping this relationship for a rainy day prevents you from ever having to endure the lengthy, tiresome process of job hunting again.


Speaking of looking for new roles, we understand that if you are currently employed, you don’t want your current employer to know that you are looking elsewhere. And although the chances of them finding out that you are looking is low, it’s not impossible. If you’ve uploaded your resume to any databases, there’s the possibility that your current employer has access to this.


Even if the recruiter has a relationship with your current company, their process is entirely confidential. This allows you to search for a new role on your terms without the likelihood of your employer finding out and letting you go early. And if you’re in a tight-knit field, you understand the importance of this.

Partner with an Employment Agency in Lancaster, PA to Elevate your Job search

Now that you see why hiring a professional job recruiter is so important, it’s time to get you into the job of your dreams. Here at TriStarr, we want to see you succeed. That’s why we administer a series of tests to evaluate your skills and knowledge, along with assessments to match you with a professional environment that suits your personality and goals. So if you’re ready to change your life, reach out to one of our recruiters today!

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