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How to Find a Job in a Tough Economy: 7 Tips from an Employment Agency in Lancaster

It’s no secret that there’s a recession looming over our heads. It’s been in the media for months, and we’re already seeing hundreds of fortune 500 companies roll out massive layoffs. As living becomes increasingly expensive and companies reduce the number of jobs, trying to maintain hope for a stronger economy can feel extremely difficult–especially if you are worried about the future of your own career. Whether you’ve been laid off or fear it may be coming soon, it’s important to prepare and think about your future. Finding another job may be hard, but if you prep ahead, you stand a better chance of getting back on your feet.

However, we know there’s nothing more frustrating than job hunting. You can spend all of your free time searching for a job, applying to ones that don’t seem like a good fit in hopes of having some sense of security, only to be met with radio silence and rejection emails. It can feel disheartening.

Therefore, we recommend using an employment agency to help you navigate job hunting during tough financial times. Not only is it free to use, but it also helps connect you with companies that are the right fit for you and your skills. Plus, there’s the free help you receive on your resume and prepping for interviews, which we’d argue is invaluable.

Ready to nail down your next perfect job with little effort on your part? We’re rounding up seven ways to help you find (and keep) a job during these challenging times.


Recruiting Agencies in Lancaster Help Connect Candidates with Top Job Opportunities

When you’re struggling to figure out how you’re going to pay for groceries, the last thing you want to worry about is the job-hunting process. Using a recruiting agency helps connect you with companies that value you and your work without costing you a penny.


Recruiting Agency Streamlines Your Job Search

We know that you don’t want to spend hours searching job boards trying to find a job that’s right for you. Between LinkedIn, Indeed, and the countless other websites, finding a job that suits your skills can take days–even weeks. Luckily, working with a recruiting agency helps prevent this headache by finding the jobs for you.

They know exactly what companies have openings (even if they aren’t posted on major job boards), and they know what kind of work you’re looking for, so they can introduce you to the hiring managers without you having to lift a finger. In fact, it’s common for many employment agencies to set you up with multiple hiring managers at one time. The more interviews you have, the more likely you are to land a job. So not only are you saving time from scouring the internet, but it also means that you don’t have to send a boring introduction email that runs the risk of being ignored, and you’re more likely to walk away with a job in a shorter period of time.


Job Seekers Are Connected To A Skilled Recruiter

While you could use job sites that involve simply uploading your resume and hoping for the best, we are firm believers that you should have a skilled recruiter helping you. The recruiters spend years getting to know the companies they’re hiring for and take time to research what the market is currently looking like, what skills are best needed for roles, and more. This means you have a better chance of scoring interviews and getting job offers.


Job Recruiters in Lancaster Help with Revising Resumes and Conduct Mock Interviews

Speaking of scoring interviews, job recruiters are there to help ensure you are as prepared as possible. In troubled economic times, the last thing that you want is to risk your job over minimal mistakes on your resume or fumbling an interview. Fortunately, they’re there to coach you along the way.

With recruiters, you get conversations with real people. This means assistance with ensuring that your values align with the company, if the office environment matches what you’re looking for, resume edits, and more. If you land an interview through them and you don’t get the job, they also give you feedback on improving for future interviews. You can’t put a price tag on this kind of advice (even though it’s free for you, which makes it much better).


Free of Cost To The Job Seeker

We understand that during a recession, you want to do everything you can to cut costs. So the idea of hiring an employment agency to help you find a job during rough economic times may seem like a waste. However, we’re here to remind you that it is absolutely free of cost. However, you may feel like a client, the company that’s hiring is the real paying client. Recruiters don’t get paid until someone fills (and stays in) the open position. So although it may seem like they are just trying to get someone hired as soon as possible to get paid, they care about the quality of the candidate. This means an easier time finding a job for you without having to spend a dime.


Connect With An Employer That Needs Your Specific Skills

Finding a job that fits your skill set and your interests can feel impossible–especially when doing the searching yourself. But that’s the furthest thing from the truth. A temp agency carves time out to get to know you, your skills, what salary you’re looking for, etc. After taking all of this into consideration, they look at the long list of job opportunities out there and match you with one that checks all of your boxes.


Try Out A New Company Or Industry

It can be hard to find the positives of a recession. Paying bills while searching for a job can feel hopeless. Yet, you have the opportunity to try something new. We know what you’re probably thinking–how? If there is an industry that you have always been interested in or you have skills that went untouched in your previous job, now is the time to explore those further. When using a recruiter, you can often find temporary jobs.


Although we understand that you’re looking for stability during difficult economic periods, this freedom gives you a chance to delve into your untapped potential without a long-term commitment. You can get first-hand experience in the industry, testing out new skills and gaining new ones, which can inevitably help you decide if it’s the right fit for you. Plus, there’s always the possibility of a role opening within the company.


It Gives You More Power

As we’ve mentioned, working with a recruiter increases the likelihood of receiving multiple job offers in various industries. If you come out of an interview not feeling very confident about a company and what they stand for, you can relay this information with your recruiter so they can help tailor the search further. And you can do so while feeling confident in turning down a job because you know another offer is right around the corner.


Partner with a Job Agency in Lancaster to Help You Find a Job

Here at TriStarr, we’re looking for individuals with the right skills and experience, like you, to help fill our roles. We want to help you find the job best suited to your skills and interests so that you can stay afloat during even the roughest economic times. We know that recessions can be difficult to navigate, and job hunting only makes them that much more stressful. If you’re ready to start with one of our talented recruiters, don’t hesitate to reach out today.


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