Case Studies

Clients share stories of success.

Dan’s Story


Dan C. came to TriStarr seeking an opportunity to expand his career in sales, despite limited experience.


Dan was at a point in his career where he had hit the ceiling in his current role, and he wanted to work somewhere that would allow him to learn and climb the ladder.


TriStarr’s recruiter examined Dan’s background/experience and helped him see what he really wanted in his next role. He was submitted to a client and was promptly scheduled to interview. Working closely with TriStarr’s recruiter to prepare for the interview, Dan gained confidence in himself and his ability to add value to the client if given the opportunity to do so.


Dan’s confidence shone brightly to TriStarr’s client, and he moved through the rounds of interviews without missing a beat. By the time all was said and done, he received an offer from the client that was a significant increase in pay and benefits. It took under one month for Dan to go through the interview process and start his new role.


“Terry is/was a very attentive and proactive recruiter. Terry’s help and experience was a huge asset in landing my new position. I cannot recommend Terry and his abilities highly enough. If you are in search of a career or a career change, Terry is a huge asset and a champion for his clients.”

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