The Problem

Budget and job cuts had left one local school district with very few clerical and secretarial staff members to perform critical roles like attendance processing. Employees with decades of experience and senior skill sets were having their time cannibalized by critical administrative tasks, while higher level needs were being placed on the back burner. The school district needed to find a way to manage these critical clerical tasks without carrying the expensive overhead of health care and pensions.

The Solution

TriStarr has contracted with the school district to provide a pool of clerical workers. The school district trains them on key clerical tasks and then sends them to work in the individual schools as needed. TriStarr’s rigorous screening process and background checking has also proved helpful in ensuring that all of the temps authorized to work in the schools have the proper clearances.

The Result

The school district is able to manage the workload at all of the individual buildings – without the added expense of hiring and carrying overhead for large numbers of employees, allowing the school district to save tens of thousands annually.