The Problem

A longtime client called TriStarr at 9:00 a.m. with an urgent need for a large clerical project requiring a large number of people (60) that needed to be completed as quickly as possible. They needed three shifts of 20 people each, starting at 3:00 pm., just six hours away.

The Solution

TriStarr’s temp-pool communication tools allow us to reach our employees via phone, text message, or email. We used this tool to contact more than 500 people within 45 minutes of receiving the call from our client. We were well underway to staffing the first roster when the client cancelled the third shift for lack of a supervisor.

Within 24 hours of receiving the request we had staffed first shift, and within 48 hours we had a complete shift for the second shift position. At a follow-up meeting, the client asked if it would be possible for us to identify employees to act as shift leads. We were happy to oblige and had recommendations for the client the next day.

The Result

Our quick turnaround and flexibility in working with last minute changes in the assignment were appreciated by our client and the project was completed ahead of schedule, deeming it a success.