Human Resources Consulting Services

We can help you fine-tune and improve employee performance and retention.

Managing our extensive workforce of temporary employees, as well as our experience with placing fulltime positions, has helped make us experts in many aspects of human resources – ranging from compensation and benefits to more subjective aspects of behavioral assessment and team building.

We can assist human resources departments and professionals, as well as senior management teams, with a wide variety of consulting services. Examples of our services include

  • Behavioral assessments
  • Search committee assistance and support
  • Team building programs
  • Compensation assessment and analysis
  • Employee retention programs
  • Job structure and assessments of duties and responsibilities
  • Job descriptions
  • Organizational structures

Assistance with employee issues, job structure, and human resources support.

Our consulting services work in several ways. Many times employees will benefit from a change in their job structure or requirements. We can assess your current workforce structure and make adaptations to job descriptions and responsibilities that will identify conflicts and help improve the performance of individuals and teams.

Our Staffing Professionals can assist clients with behavioral assessments designed to improve the compatibility of employees, including assessments of senior staff. These assessments identify strengths and weaknesses and include recommendations for making effective changes.

Many of our consulting services help companies or organizations with the timely support of human resources departments that are handling higher-than-average hiring demands, or those seeking strategic recommendations regarding compensation, retention, or company culture. We can also advise search committees with their processes and screening of candidates.