Behavioral Assessments

Why do employees fail?

Is it lack of skill? Lack of experience? The answer we hear every day is that the employee is simply not a good fit. The bottom line is that it means their behavior or personality style does not match the position or organization for which they are working.

We help organizations reduce turnover by providing behavioral assessments. We have found that statistically, an interview is about as good at identifying a successful candidate as a coin flip. When credibility is on the line, those are terrible odds. If all your human resources department does is interview candidates, the odds of making a truly successful hire are just 1 in 2.

Adding our personality or behavioral assessments to your process can increase your odds dramatically. Three times out of four, a candidate that has been through one of our behavioral assessments will be a good long-term fit for the position for which she is presented. The small investment up front can reap huge rewards.

At TriStarr, all of our candidates are given behavioral assessments before they are presented. We can also perform assessments on your existing employees before they are moved into new positions, or to help your management team identify potential dysfunction or trouble spots within departments.

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