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  • Training Multinational Audiences

    Do's and Don'ts for Training Diverse, Multicultural, and International Audiences. Understanding your audience is key when training a multinational group. This whitepaper will give you insights for developing a strategy for success.

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  • Supreme Court Rules on Text Message Privacy Case

    The Supreme Court overturned a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling concerning employer-provided communication devices and workers' privacy rights. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the employer, the city of Ontario, ruling that the search of the employee's text messages was reasonable and not in violation of the employee's Fourth Amendment rights.

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  • Do Your Managers Hate Writing Job Descriptions?

    As an HR professional, you no doubt encounter foot-dragging, complaints, and many other bad reactions from managers who don’t want to complete job descriptions for new positions—much less review and update their existing descriptions.

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  • Three More Ways Same-Sex Marriages Will Impact Employers

    In a related article, we covered two significant ways the ruling (DOMA) would impact employers. In this article we provide three more, along with a look at some important issues that are yet to be resolved in wake of the ruling.

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  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy Q&A

    More companies are adopting BYOD policies and more employees are starting to expect it – particularly younger employees who want to use their own devices.

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