Why Choose TriStarr

We find good people. And we guarantee it.

Good people are hard to find. It’s an old saying, and it’s still true. Our clients need people with the right skills who will also be a good fit for their company. We developed a series of processes to evaluate temporary staff and permanent positions that included objective skills and knowledge testing, as well as subjective personality and compatibility elements that fit our clients’ cultures.

These processes are effective and help us provide a very high success rate when placing people in a wide range of positions. This saves time and money for our clients and improves the chances of success for the individual, as well.

Good People Guaranteed

Life happens. Not everyone is going to be a perfect fit. So, if our clients are ever dissatisfied with a temporary staff person or a recruiting candidate, the TriStarr Good People Guarantee comes into effect. We will:

  • Replace the person with another candidate at no charge, or
  • Provide you with an agreed-upon refund*

It’s that simple. We can make this guarantee because we know our clients will rarely have to use it. Good people are hard to find, but we know how to find them.

*Refund amounts will vary; consult your Staffing Manager for details.