Our Process

The TriStarr Candidate Evaluation Process

At TriStarr Staffing, Recruiting and Consulting, our six-step candidate evaluation process ensures we consistently deliver the right people – and the best results, every time.

1. Application

During the application process, TriStarr discusses salary expectations, TriStarr’s policies and procedures, work history, and availability.

2. Candidate prescreening

TriStarr uses web-based testing to screen candidates for experience, skills, education, and work history. Candidates who meet requirements are offered the opportunity to advance to the next step.

3. Candidate hard skills assessment

TriStarr conducts an assessment of the candidate’s skills based on your specific needs. Hard skills include things like word processing, typing speed, or familiarity with special programs or software.

4. Behavioral and personality assessment

The most viable candidates are then given a behavioral and personality assessment by one of our certified behavioral assessment analysts. We use these assessments to ensure the best fit between a client and a candidate. Our assessments have been shown to reduce turnover by 30-40%.

5. In-person interview

TriStarr’s staffing experts conduct an in-depth interview to verify information received in the previous steps. We also evaluate interpersonal skills, attire and grooming, and communication skills.

6. Reference/background check

TriStarr checks and verifies references from all candidates. Candidates unable to submit verifiable references will not be presented to our clients. Depending on your specific need, we can also conduct drug screens, criminal background checks, and consumer credit checks.

Candidate Submittals

We’ve all heard that resumes are full of half-truths.

In order to select the best candidate, your staffing service should provide more than a resume when presenting a candidate. Objective candidate submittal documents, with verifiable information, take the guesswork out of reviewing resumes and speed up the process by which successful employees are hired.

A good submittal document should include and verify the following:

  • The tested skills of the candidate match your specific requirements for the position.
  • The tested personality and behavioral style of the candidate matches profiles shown to be successful for similar positions.
  • The staffing service has verified any required degrees, licenses, and appropriate background checks.
  • The staffing service has verified previous employment and positive references have been received.

Don’t rely only on the candidate reporting their skills and experience on a resume.

For example, candidates may believe they have an expert skill level in MS Word. If they have only used MS Word to generate simple letters for the last five years, they may very well be an expert at that one skill. However, we all know that there is a lot more to MS Word than that. Make your staffing provider earn their money by verifying everything they possibly can and providing you with those results.

What should a Staffing Service present to a client?

More than a resume – a submittal should include objective reasons why a staffing service believes a candidate is a good match. We explain the different components of a great candidate in each submittal.

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example candidate submittal