Contract-to-Permanent Staffing

Lancaster, PA’s contract-to-permanent solutions provider.

Have you ever wished that you could hire on a contract employee full-time? Sometimes, a contract employee fits your organization well enough that they would make a great permanent member of the team. They do great work, they’re reliable, they’re a fantastic culture fit… What’s not to like? 

That’s where contract-to-permanent staffing comes in. And TriStarr Staffing is Lancaster, PA’s contract-to-permanent staffing leader. 

Hire Contract-to-Permanent Staff

There are many benefits to contract-to-permanent hiring. They include: 

  • Evaluating skills and work ethic 
  • Ensuring a proper culture fit 
  • Avoiding hiring mistakes 
  • Saving money 

Put simply, the contract-to-permanent solution allows you to “test drive” an employee before committing to a full-time relationship. That saves your organization money as well as the hassle and time of a bad hire. And if finding proper culture fits at your business has proven troublesome in the past, the contract-to-permanent route might be the way to go. 

Learn more about contract-to-permanent staffing in Lancaster, PA by contacting TriStarr Staffing’s experts. 

Find a Contract-to-Permanent Role

Interested in the security and stability of a full-time job, but don’t want to commit to something you’re unsure about right away? Taking on a contract-to-permanent role may be the perfect solution for you. 

TriStarr Staffing is the premier temp agency for Lancaster, PA and the surrounding region. Our contract-to-permanent service allows you to take on a job with the flexibility of a contract set-up, and convert to a permanent placement at the end of the contract period if all parties agree.  

Benefits of contract-to-permanent for employees include: 

  • Flexibility of a contract schedule 
  • Ability to evaluate job fit 
  • Ability to evaluate the team/culture fit 
  • Conversion to full-time if desired 

For many employees, contract-to-permanent roles allow them to enjoy the perks of a contracting job while giving them the possibility of full-time employment once the contract period ends. Depending on how the contract goes, the employee then has the power to decide where to take their job and career next.  

Does contract-to-permanent sound like something you’re interested in? Turn to Lancaster, PA’s premier staffing agency, TriStarr Staffing, for help. Our staffing experts can help you learn more about this type of employment and whether or not it might be a good choice for you.  

Trust TriStarr’s Professional Recruitment Services

No other administrative employment agency in the area can provide you with the personalized, situation-specific attention to detail that our recruitment experts can. If your organization is thinking of taking on contract-to-permanent employees, or if you’re a contract worker interested in exploring what contract-to-permanent roles have to offer, get in touch.  

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