Community Bank experiences the TriStarr difference

Community Bank experiences the TriStarr difference

This letter is so overdue that I am almost too embarrassed to write it now, especially since we at [Community] Bank have not been in need of the services of your fine company in the last few months. But, as a wise person once said, better late than never.

During our five years as a young, independent bank, we have relied heavily upon the services provided by organizations such as TriStarr to meet our needs for temporary staffing, particularly in the area of quality secretarial skills. While I would like to say that we utilized your team from day one, that would not be true. Unfortunately for us, we began with a local competitor and only after a number of very disappointing results during our first year in business did I call TriStarr for help.

“Help” is not the word to describe what your team provides. Superior Service is a more descriptive term for the support that I personally received every time I needed temporary staff assistance. Joan, I know that you have built an organization of talented people willing to assist each other in delivering superior service.

Our Staffing Manager truly cares about each of her clients and works hard to listen to what we are really requesting so she is better able to meet that staffing need with the most qualified candidate available. She reaffirms the tasks needing to be accomplished, confirms the staff member has arrived and is performing to task, and requests feedback on the quality of the work performed when the scheduled work period is over. Her methods are second-to-none in the professional manner they are delivered, and the caring manner evident in her voice and actions.

I can tell you that there is not another name that comes to my mind when I am asked about which companies to turn to for staffing support, skill assessment and any other staffing related needs.

Thank you Joan, and the rest of the TriStarr team, for caring about our needs. You are the BEST!