Is Now The Time to Wait For Top Talent?

Hiring over the last half-decade or so has been tough on employers. To borrow a common metaphor, it has resembled a unicorn hunt. You’d search in vain for the perfect talent, knowing your quest would likely come up short. As a result, you’d quickly settle for whatever you could find. In other words, you knew […]

My New Hiring Process: COVID-19 Made Me Do It

You spent years perfecting your hiring process, fine-tuning it to the point where it ran like a well-calibrated engine. Then COVID-19 came along. Boom…there goes your perfect hiring machine. Now, you have to rework your process to fit the social-distancing rules created in the wake of the coronavirus. Of course, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused […]

The Future of Remote Jobs and How the Coronavirus Left its Mark

The coronavirus outbreak has served as a wake-up call. Even after the last of the patients have recovered, the COVID-19 crisis will leave significant soul-searching in its wake. For employers and workers alike, a key question will relate to remote jobs. What permanent mark will the coronavirus make on corporate structures and workflows? The spread […]