I love going to work every day, and I appreciate TriStarr for making that possible.


I have worked for TriStarr for about 12 years, and I am perfectly happy with the assignments, pay and staff. I would highly recommend TriStarr (and have) to anyone seeking temporary employment which eventually could lead to permanent employment.


I received excellent communication from TriStarr.


TriStarr placed me on the best position to thrive in the work environment. So many options and great pay!


TriStarr is great and has been very supportive.


I am happy. Pure and simple. I am not stressed. I feel appreciated. The work I am doing is interesting.


TriStarr provides fantastic service to their employees, making temporary staffing positions feasible and employee friendly.


TriStarr found me the perfect job! So glad I went through them to find a job! Great experience!


Awesome helpful people; love their energy in waiting to help others!


Excellent professional service and career options! Amazing staff members who genuinely care about temps’ long-term success!


TriStarr has been an excellent partner in our staffing journey as an organization. The partnership we have is such a valuable asset to the success of our department. We appreciate the open communication and the continuous drive to provide highly qualified individuals.


TriStarr consistently provides quality candidates in an efficient timeframe. We have a long-standing relationship with TriStarr, and they know our business and consistently perform and exceed our expectations!

Real Estate Company

We consistently get solid, well-screened candidates. We have built a trust that I can depend on and can be confident in.

Auto Company

We recently hired a temporary employee and she is perfect. It has been one of the best experiences with a new hire we have ever had.

Law Firm

It is always a pleasure to work with TriStarr. Everyone I come in contact with is very friendly and always willing to assist.

Insurance Company

The candidates that you have supplied us with on a temporary basis have been great. This is a testament to your organization since we have hired many of the temporary candidates as full-time employees. Thank you.

HR Manager, Durable Medical Equipment Company

Knowing that I have TriStarr to support our needs helps to ease the stress of finding temporary help or recruiting.

HR Manager, Construction Company

Very happy with the quality of people presented for this position. We are happy with our candidate and have since hired him. TriStarr provided several qualified candidates for this position in a timely fashion.

Vice President, Technology Company

TriStarr has been very successful in finding candidates for us whether it is for temporary assignments or direct hire.

HR Manager, Insurance Brokerage Company

The assessments and consulting we have done with TriStarr have ensured we hired the best people for key positions within our district and provided substantiation for our process. This has also helped as we are transitioning some individuals on our leadership team, as to leadership and decision-making preferences and how the team functions. Everyone on the team has raved about this personal and team growth opportunity and feels this has set them up for success.

Superintendent, Large Lancaster County School District