Employer’s Story


Our client, a third-party benefits administrator with an office in Lancaster, found themselves short-staffed during yearly seasonal insurance enrollment for one of their largest clients. They did not have enough staff to manage the increased volume of phone calls, emails, and paperwork each year during insurance enrollment but hiring more permanent staff was not an option due to lack of work the remainder of the year.


Initially, the company reached out to multiple staffing services, including TriStarr, to hire temporary staff to fill in the gaps. Other agencies struggled to provide dependable, quality candidates and did not maintain communication.


Our relationship management and the quality of our candidates stood out to our client. Our client began exclusively working with us to provide customer service representatives, enrollment specialists, and clerical support for a six-month period each year. As a result, we have been working with them exclusively for a number of years.


Our client’s customers were happy to be served by quick, personable professionals rather than waiting on a hold line for extended periods. Our client was able to serve more customers and process new insurance applications in a timely manner. During remote conditions in the pandemic, this allowed even greater flexibility.

“Each year, we partner with our local staffing agency, TriStarr, to help support our business needs during the open enrollment season. As you can imagine, even during a global pandemic, open enrollment must go on. As an organization that focuses on exceeding customer expectations and delivering exceptional service to our members, TriStarr helps us support this focus by providing qualified and skilled talent to meet our business needs.”