Looking to hire high-level administrative and professional talent? Seeking solutions to tough recruiting and HR challenges?

You’ll find solutions to these problems and more at TriStarr. We are a high-level staffing, recruiting, and consulting services firm serving employers in Lancaster, PA, York, and Harrisburg as well as the greater Philadelphia area, Berks County, the Lehigh Valley, and Northern Maryland.

Staffing problems. Recruiting challenges. HR consulting.

With our staffing experience, hiring expertise, and unique service processes, TriStarr can provide you with higher caliber, more productive employees who are a better fit for your organization. Because we offer a much wider range of services than traditional temp agencies and headhunters, we can offer you more cost-effective staffing, recruiting and HR solutions.

TriStarr offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs.

Staffing Services

With more than two decades of staffing experience and our unique candidate selection process, TriStarr can provide you with employees who are more productive, higher caliber, and the absolute best fit for your company. We want our candidates to be fully focused on the job at hand, which is why we provide a full benefits package–far more extensive than other staffing companies offer.

Recruiting Services

We only refer the most qualified candidates based on an evaluation of education, experience, hard and soft skills, salary, and behavioral traits. TriStarr provides you with a candidate summary and assessment data, going above and beyond a resume, to ensure that you get the most qualified talent that will fit your company best.

Additionally, we offer professional Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to save your small business valuable resources. Our team immerses itself in your process and systems, taking care of the screening process and freeing your HR team and hiring managers to focus on only the best, most qualified candidates when you need them.

HR Consulting Services

Our goal is to provide HR expertise that will allow you to manage risk and increase efficiency, while giving you freedom to focus on the strategy behind running your business smoothly.

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