Staffing: Build A
Winning Solution.

With ongoing talent shortages, tight deadlines, and unpredictable demand, hiring can seem like a losing game. From short-term needs like last-minute fill-ins to short- and long-term projects, TriStarr will deliver candidates who will exceed your expectations and deliver consistent results – guaranteed.

Need to fill temporary, temp-to-hire, or interim administrative or professional positions? Give us a call! We can help with positions ranging from receptionists and accounting clerks to HR and IT, and more.

Services Staffing- Staffing Build A Winning Solution

Temporary Staffing.

This flexible option allows you to:

• Meet critical project deadlines
• Address staff shortages
• Fill in when unexpected absences occur
• Manage variable workloads

Temporary-To-Hire Staffing.

There are many benefits to contract-to-hire. They include:

• Evaluating skills and work ethic
• Ensuring a proper culture fit
• Avoiding hiring mistakes
• Saving money

Temporary-to-hire is a solution that allows you to evaluate an employee on the job before committing to a full-time hire. You save time and money and the placement is guaranteed.

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