• Jobs in Lancaster, PA: Introducing Your New Career Coach!

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is filled with meaningful job prospects. The region features a tight labor market, meaning candidates with the right skills have an excellent opportunity to find a well-paying position. At the same time, an affordable cost of living and relatively low tax rates provide additional value for job seekers.

    Clearly, Lancaster represents an excellent place to drive your career forward. However, getting the most out of the opportunity takes specific local knowledge. At the same time, you’ll need a deep understanding of the general staffing environment. You can get that through TriStarr, your Lancaster career coach.

    TriStarr offers unparcelled insight into the local market. The staffing firm can help you navigate the top Lancaster employers. Meanwhile, TriStarr has access to hidden jobs, opportunities that might not be available in public job search engines, like Indeed.

    Job Prospects in Lancaster, PA

    To get a better understanding of the job market in the Lancaster area, let’s look at the region’s economy. How does it stack up with the rest of the country? How easy is it to find a job, and how well do those positions pay?

    According to stats compiled by, here are some of the key economic statistics for ... Read More

  • Three (more) signs you may need to hire temp staffing

    There are reoccurring challenges for many businesses and one of the most common is with staffing – when to hire employees and when to trim staff? You’re always looking for the right balance. Here’s a list of three (more) signs that may indicate when it’s the right time to hire temp staffing.

    1. Customer service is suffering

    The economy is strong. Business is booming and you’re projecting an outstanding fiscal year. Your call center is busy, and the orders are flowing in so fast it’s hard to keep up with all the work. On paper, things look great. But the attitudes of your staff and customer feedback tell a different story. How can this be? It’s more common among businesses than owners realize and often seen by TriStarr temp agency in Lancaster, PA.

     While it’s normal for a business to get a bad review once in a while, a spike in customer complaints and poor online reviews could mean that you are understaffed. This is exactly the time temp staffing can be useful and provide assistance to help correct the problem. Using a temp staffing agency like TriStarr, can provide relief for an over-worked staff and help improve customer service.

    2. A new project ... Read More

  • Temp Staffing & Recruiting 101: How TriStarr Staffing in Lancaster finds the right candidate for the job – guaranteed.

    The problem is simple. You have a vacant position in your company, and you need to fill it fast. Ask yourself, do you have the time to do it and do it, right? Many companies are convinced they can hire the right candidate for their company because they know what they’re looking for. The question is, do they have the ability to recruit the right candidate? Finding the right person with the right set of skills and cultural fit is often challenging. It’s made even harder in today’s economy because there are fewer candidates to choose from in part because of low unemployment rates.

    We’re often asked, what’s the key to finding the right hire? Is there a secret to finding the right fit for the job? At TriStarr we use a simple three-step process to help us sift through a large selection of candidates and find the best ones for a particular job.

    Step 1. Always be looking

    To find the right people, it helps to be looking continually. If you have the resources to find candidates and review resumes for qualifications on a regular basis, you will have access to many more good options. Recruiters like us are posting job ... Read More

  • Ready to Achieve Your Career Goals? Of Course You Are!

    Building a career is about seizing opportunities. However, if you proceed haphazardly, you can end up going in circles. Or you can find yourself in a dead-end situation, forced to consider a massive career change.

    The modern economy involves a significant amount of movement. Government data suggest that people will hold, on average, approximately 12 jobs during a lifetime. However, most of that job-hopping happens early in a career. About half the job changes occur before a worker reaches their mid-20s.

    This trend is borne out by other stats. Separate Department of Labor data show that among people over 55 years old, the average tenure in their current job is just over ten years. For people in their early 20s? Just over one year. And for people between the ages of 25 and 34 years old, the figure hovers at not quite three years.

    What do these stats mean? They indicate that the usual course of events is to jump around to different positions early in a career, before hopefully settling into something more permanent around middle age. But following this pattern involves a fair amount of planning. It’s easier to get that plum mid-career ... Read More

  • Job Hunting in 2020: Uncover a New Way To Find Your Next Job

    The new year presents an excellent chance to step up your job search. With 2020 just underway, you’re already in the mood for resolutions. Why not take the opportunity to enhance your job hunt?

    Working with a staffing agency offers the perfect way to improve your chances of finding the ideal situation. It lets you find positions quickly and seek out opportunities that match your skills and background. A recruiting firm can protect you against long stretches of unemployment, while simultaneously optimizing your long-term professional development.

    Protecting You From Financial (And Emotional) Trauma

    Enhancing your job-hunting abilities can save you significant worry and potentially prevent financial disaster if circumstances turn against you. Statistics show it can take months to find a job. Data from the U.S. Department of Labor show that people are out of work for 20.1 weeks, on average – or just about five months.

    Of course, the actual length of time depends on the situation. The government figures indicate that just over a third of people (34.4%) find a new position in less than five weeks. That’s a promising stat. However, there’s a dark side to the distribution. About one out of five people (20.1%, to be ... Read More