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  • The Future of Remote Jobs and How the Coronavirus Left its Mark

    The coronavirus outbreak has served as a wake-up call. Even after the last of the patients have recovered, the COVID-19 crisis will leave significant soul-searching in its wake. For employers and workers alike, a key question will relate to remote jobs. What permanent mark will the coronavirus make on corporate structures and workflows?

    The spread of COVID-19 has brought many serious questions to the forefront. It has underlined concerns about medical preparedness (and toilet paper preparedness). The crisis has also challenged the way we do business, illustrating the advantage of work-from-home options.

    Once the medical emergency fades, and the economy returns to normal, firms will need to review their policies. Looking ahead to the next potential disaster, they will need to design procedures to better respond to any similar situations that might happen in the future.

    Here are a few general concepts workers and employers should both keep in mind as they consider the future of remote jobs and how to respond to potential outbreaks:

    Maintaining Flexibility

    The coronavirus forced people to change their routines quickly. Individuals and businesses that remained light on their feet fared better than those who couldn’t react to a quickly evolving situation. The outbreak underlined a cardinal truth: he more ... Read More

  • Five ways the best staffing agencies utilize LinkedIn for local recruiting

    While social media has proven to be an important tool for recruitment, LinkedIn may be the most crucial social media platform of all. It’s considered by some to be the “Facebook” of business-minded individuals because the number of members who utilize the platform is so vast. LinkedIn has become a network where jobseekers can find employment options and learn about the companies they’re interested in working for, as well as for companies to learn about their prospective employees.

    This trend has opened up a great opportunity for recruiters and businesses, especially when looking to find local talent in particular. With tools like LinkedIn Recruiter and the ability for localized searches, the odds of finding an appropriate candidate and highlighting available jobs to local candidates have grown.

    There are several ways the best staffing agencies use LinkedIn to recruit local talent. And anyone attempting to strengthen recruiting, staffing, and hiring efforts can benefit from them.

     Use the search capabilities to your advantage

    LinkedIn has a search engine platform built within it much like many other networks. Knowing how to optimize your search on specific platforms, like LinkedIn, will help you narrow the results you’re looking for. The best candidates available to you will also – ... Read More

  • How to hire employees to fit your company culture

    Culture has been a hot topic in the recruiting industry for a few years now. Still, there are companies that continue to either overlook its importance or misunderstand its meaning. There are a variety of ways that workplace culture has an impact on the hiring process, and it can be difficult for both parties if an employee finds they’re not adjusting to their new working environment well.

    When hiring for new candidates, it’s crucial to remember that there is more to a person than just the set of skills they bring to the table. It’s likely that you will find several candidates who meet the requirements for a position you’re looking to fill. But something else you need to consider is how candidates will make a positive addition to the team, and if they’ll flourish.

    Defining Your Culture

    Before you can hire the best fit for your company culture, you first need to know what your culture is.

    If you’re unsure, it’s actually easier to figure out than you’d think.

    Every business has a culture. It’s communicated to employees in the way you do business and in the values you hold as an employer. A business can easily make the mistake of thinking culture ... Read More

  • How to write job postings that outperform the rest – Tips and tricks on using online job boards for recruiting the best candidates for your company

    Attempting to fill a vacant position can be an exciting time for your company. It can also be a real roadblock if not done properly. On the one hand, you get the chance to bring a new perspective with a fresh set of skills into your office. And, on the other hand, the job posting can sit without interest, leaving your company feeling frustrated and stuck with projects piling up until the right candidate comes along. There’s also another scenario, and that’s having the wrong candidates applying for your job posting. This can lead to wasted time and resources on both sides of the interview.

    So how do you fix these issues and bring the excitement back to posting an opening? Simply put, you need to know exactly how to write your job posting so that it outperforms the rest. And at TriStarr, as one of the best staffing services available in the Lancaster area, we are well-versed in how to attract and recruit top talent through job postings. Below, let’s review some tips and tricks we use while utilizing online job boards to effectively get the most out of a job posting.

    Give Your Job Posting a Desirable – and Frequently ... Read More

  • Three (more) signs you may need to hire temp staffing

    There are reoccurring challenges for many businesses and one of the most common is with staffing – when to hire employees and when to trim staff? You’re always looking for the right balance. Here’s a list of three (more) signs that may indicate when it’s the right time to hire temp staffing.

    1. Customer service is suffering

    The economy is strong. Business is booming and you’re projecting an outstanding fiscal year. Your call center is busy, and the orders are flowing in so fast it’s hard to keep up with all the work. On paper, things look great. But the attitudes of your staff and customer feedback tell a different story. How can this be? It’s more common among businesses than owners realize and often seen by TriStarr temp agency in Lancaster, PA.

     While it’s normal for a business to get a bad review once in a while, a spike in customer complaints and poor online reviews could mean that you are understaffed. This is exactly the time temp staffing can be useful and provide assistance to help correct the problem. Using a temp staffing agency like TriStarr, can provide relief for an over-worked staff and help improve customer service.

    2. A new project ... Read More

  • Temp Staffing & Recruiting 101: How TriStarr Staffing in Lancaster finds the right candidate for the job – guaranteed.

    The problem is simple. You have a vacant position in your company, and you need to fill it fast. Ask yourself, do you have the time to do it and do it, right? Many companies are convinced they can hire the right candidate for their company because they know what they’re looking for. The question is, do they have the ability to recruit the right candidate? Finding the right person with the right set of skills and cultural fit is often challenging. It’s made even harder in today’s economy because there are fewer candidates to choose from in part because of low unemployment rates.

    We’re often asked, what’s the key to finding the right hire? Is there a secret to finding the right fit for the job? At TriStarr we use a simple three-step process to help us sift through a large selection of candidates and find the best ones for a particular job.

    Step 1. Always be looking

    To find the right people, it helps to be looking continually. If you have the resources to find candidates and review resumes for qualifications on a regular basis, you will have access to many more good options. Recruiters like us are posting job ... Read More

  • 2020 Foresight: New trends in temp staffing and hiring

    You’ve heard of being “ghosted” through texts, social media, and even on dating apps. But, in temp staffing and recruitment? It’s happening. Typically, “ghosting” is when someone you are corresponding with stops responding in any way to texts, emails, posts on your social media, or conversation with you on dating apps. In the world of temp agencies and recruitment, “ghosting” is when you have a prospective employee, the interview is scheduled, and they are a no-show. No telephone call, no reason for not showing up, they simply vanish.

    Over the past 12 to 18 months, “ghosting” has quickly made its way into the world of temp staffing and job recruiting. It has become one of the most talked-about topics at trade shows and conferences, around the country. So, why now? Some experts in the industry believe it has to do with the low unemployment rate and the fact that there are so many job opportunities available. Candidates don’t feel pressure or obligation to show up. Others believe it’s generational–that there isn’t a concern for consequences if they don’t keep a commitment.

    If a suitable candidate presents to you, follow up with them right away.  Studies have shown that scheduling interviews in the ... Read More

  • How to create a more employee-friendly work environment

    Employee happiness has become increasingly important to success in business. Why? There is now growing evidence that when employees are happy, companies thrive.

    Consider these key statistics. According to Forbes Magazine, one study found that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees. When it comes to salespeople, happiness has an even greater impact, raising sales by 37%. But the benefits don’t end there. Often there is less employee turnover in a healthy, employee-friendly workplace environment. That equals less time lost on the job translating into an increased bottom line for companies.

    Taking positive steps to create a more employee-friendly work environment can be done with these five simple suggestions:

    1. Invest in growing your employees. Self-development is essential for career growth. Offering a variety of training programs will help employees build their skills and grow professionally. Conferences, seminars, and online courses can further help employees gain more knowledge and become an increased contributor in the workplace.
    2. Listen and show appreciation to your employees. Promote an open dialogue between corporate leadership and staff. Employees want to know that their opinion matters and that their work contribution is making a difference. Recognize staff accomplishments in meetings for positive behavior and performance that go above ... Read More