Lauren’s Story


The client is a medical office that needed a person to work ONLY Saturdays and Sundays. They were desperate for help because the staff was overwhelmed and working overtime. The client was aware that it was a long-shot because who would ONLY want to work weekends, but desperate for help.


Finding a person with the necessary experience that only wanted weekend hours. This would be hard because of the hours and finding the necessary medical experience.


Looked for people with the experience first and then checked to see if they would be interested with these incentives:

  • Work from home
  • Guaranteed 16 hours a weekend
  • 1 weekend off a month – candidate picks
  • Be very clear with hours, expectations and what skills are needed


TriStarr found a GREAT medical candidate who was looking for supplemental work. She ended up being very interested and interviewed and shadowed for the client the same day. They loved her and hired her on the spot.