Our client, a property management company in the heart of Lancaster needed an immediate accounts payable individual. They were desperate for someone to come in and help the business while their normal accounts payable worker was on maternity leave. The company had no idea what to do, and the process of bringing a new individual on to fill in was something they did not know where to start.




They reached out to TriStarr because of our connections and good standing in the business community. TriStarr was able to look through our database of experienced professional applicants and find someone who was willing to work at the company part time to keep all the work flowing smoothly. She did an amazing job during the maternity leave, and the company was in great shape when their own worker came back!


From our contact at the business, “we are in good shape now, my office person is back from maternity leave.  ***** was great, I would gladly be a reference for her if she ever needed one. Thank you to everyone at TriStar for their help and professionalism.”