TriStarr’s Role in Supporting the Lancaster Community Vaccine Center (CVC) during the Spring of 2021


TriStarr, a reputable staffing, and HR solutions company, played a pivotal role in supporting the Lancaster Community Vaccine Center (CVC) during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. The CVC, a collaboration between the County of Lancaster, Penn Medicine LG Health, and Rock Lititz, aimed to provide COVID-19 vaccines efficiently and rapidly. TriStarr’s successful involvement in rapidly recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and managing a large number of employees showcases its ability to excel in complex, high-pressure situations.


The Lancaster CVC was initially conceptualized to provide COVID-19 vaccines at a moderate scale. However, due to the evolving demands of the pandemic and the vaccination campaign, the need for staffing grew exponentially. Initially, the projection was for around 150 employees, but by the time the CVC opened in March 2021, it was evident that over 1000 employees would be required by April 2021. The CVC’s mission was to progressively increase its daily vaccine doses, necessitating a flexible and scalable workforce.


The urgency of the situation meant that the Lancaster CVC needed to quickly assemble a workforce of varied schedules and availability. With the requirement to administer vaccines within a limited shelf life, precise staffing levels were crucial to ensure vaccine delivery aligned with doses received from the State Health Department. The CVC was under pressure to deliver vaccines promptly, requiring an efficient onboarding process.


Penn Medicine LG Health approached TriStarr in January 2021 to be the employer partner for the CVC. TriStarr undertook the responsibility of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and managing the employees required to operate the CVC effectively. This included a comprehensive background check process, drug testing, and payroll management. The employee pool ranged from those seeking full-time employment to part-timers working only a few shifts per week.


TriStarr’s swift and strategic response to the situation is commendable. The company demonstrated its ability to adapt and scale under pressure. Over 1200 employees were recruited, onboarded, and managed within a short timeframe. TriStarr’s back office team worked tirelessly, including weekends, to ensure seamless payroll processing with an impressive turnaround time of as little as three days from workday to paycheck issuance.


Furthermore, TriStarr’s efficient management of payroll funding stood out. Over a span of 16 weeks, the company successfully handled a payroll totaling over $4.5 million. The accurate and timely payment of employees played a crucial role in maintaining morale and operational efficiency.


The success of TriStarr’s involvement with the Lancaster CVC underscores the company’s proficiency in swiftly and effectively managing large-scale recruitment, onboarding, payroll, and compliance tasks in a high-pressure environment. TriStarr’s ability to adapt to evolving requirements, support critical initiatives, and navigate complex challenges demonstrates the strength of their skills, experience, and operational systems. This case study serves as a testament to TriStarr’s capability to excel in demanding circumstances and provide essential support to vital community efforts.