Administrative Staffing

Accounting, customer service, legal, and HR support.

Need More Flexibility?

Whether you need a job that works with your skills, interests and schedule or talented people to help your company get more done, our administrative staffing agency can help. 

All administrative staffing agencies aren’t created equal. Some just fill roles with bodies, or play the numbers game. That’s not our approach. At TriStarr Staffing, we know that administrative recruitment isn’t just about filling empty slots. It’s about the people.  

Our individual-centered approach means that we get to know job seekers on a personal level, understanding their experience, desires, and goals, in order to place them in an administrative job that truly suits their needs. And our client-focused viewpoint means that we go beyond the basics and drill down to understand your company, how it functions, and what it needs. That way, we can supply your organization with the perfect fit, every time.  

Administrative Staffing Jobs We Offer

Types of Roles We Offer 

Want an accounting job, but don’t have the availability for a full-time, permanent position? Interested in an administrative job that lets you attend classes at night, or have more time for family? Contract or contract-to-permanent roles in Lancaster, PA might be the solution for you. 

These roles give you the flexibility you need to live and work on your terms. You’ll have the chance to learn new things, work with a diverse array of teams, and evaluate a job fit without coming on full-time right away. Contact a member of our team today to learn more and find out if such an arrangement might be right for you.  

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