Employer FAQs

Find answers below to common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use TriStarr?

  • Better Talent: We focus only on providing experienced, high-level administrative and professional employees.
  • More Experience: Our management team has more than 60 combined years of experience in recruiting (headhunting) and hiring, and our operations staff averages more than 5½ years in temp staffing.
  • Better Hires: As a staffing and recruiting agency, we provide more detailed information to help you find the most qualified, best-fitting candidates.
  • More Cost-Effective Solutions: Our approach to hiring has been proven to reduce turnover by as much as 40%. Our approach to recruiting gives you the flexibility to obtain the amount of professional support you need.

What kind of positions do you fill?

We fill a variety of positions in addition to offering HR consulting services:

  • TriStarr Administrative Staffing: Provides general and high-level administrative support professionals and mission-critical clerical and office support. Some examples of positions we are regularly working on for our clients include administrative assistants, receptionists, clerks, customer service representatives, accounting clerks, etc.
  • TriStarr Professional Staffing: Provides experienced project professionals in fields such as: finance, technology, human resources, marketing, and sales.

How long will it take to find an employee for our company?

The timeframe for successfully finding an employee varies depending on your specific needs. Once we review your goals, job description, and requirements for the position, we will give you a specific time frame for filling it.

When can I hire my temporary employee directly?

For no additional fee, you can add a temporary employee to your payroll any time after the temp employee has completed three consecutive months working for your firm. You may directly hire a TriStarr temp prior to this period for a liquidation fee based on the number of hours the employee has worked for you. Please contact your Staffing Manager or Account Manager for fees specific to your temp position.

Where do I access my online portal account?
Can I pay my invoice online?
What happens if I have paid a direct placement fee and I am not happy with the employee?

TriStarr has an aggressive guarantee program. If within six months your direct hire employee leaves or is terminated, we will replace the employee for free or provide a pro-rated refund. The guarantee program and refund schedule are detailed in our Placement Fee Agreement that is signed prior to the placement being completed. Please contact your Account Manager for details about this program.