The Future of Remote Jobs and How the Coronavirus Left its Mark

The coronavirus outbreak has served as a wake-up call. Even after the last of the patients have recovered, the COVID-19 crisis will leave significant soul-searching in its wake. For employers and workers alike, a key question will relate to remote jobs. What permanent mark will the coronavirus make on corporate structures and workflows? The spread […]

When recruiting employees, the best candidate may be right under your nose

Searching for just the right candidate demands more time and patience than it did just a few years ago. In particular, recruiting employees who are high performers in their field can be tough, especially for positions requiring certain specialized skills. Even with new college and trade school graduates entering the workforce, an increased labor supply […]

Adjusting your recruitment strategies: How to fit a square peg into a round hole

Can recruitment strategies change with the job market? Is it always necessary to find just the right person for a job—or can a square peg be reshaped to fit into a round hole? Currently, with record low unemployment, hiring managers might need to consider candidates who are short on desired skills but are a good […]

When recruiting, assess for personality to fit the position and your company

You’re recruiting candidates for an upper-level management position and are preparing to interview the top prospects. All have the experience and education that should qualify them for the position. But beyond their names and current work titles, who are they really? And how can you determine who is most likely to succeed in the position? […]

Looking for experience when recruiting employees? Consider older workers

With the low unemployment rate coinciding with many older adults working longer, it would be wise to be more open to the skills of well-experienced workers when recruiting employees. The unemployment rate in southcentral Pennsylvania ranges from 3.7 to 4.2 percent, and businesses remain challenged by the difficulty of finding skilled workers. At the same […]

When should you hire a recruiting agency? Take our five-question quiz to find out

Company hiring managers may be uncertain as to whether to engage a recruiting agency or handle the challenge of recruiting themselves. But with most professionals currently employed and reasonably satisfied, finding candidates for key positions is proving more difficult than ever. As 2018 began, 86 percent of highly qualified candidates for job vacancies were employed […]