7 tips from a recruiting agency for writing compelling job descriptions

Businesses have depended on job descriptions to define work for employees for generations. And even though technology has drastically changed the work environment over the years, job descriptions in 2019 remain as important as ever. Good job descriptions can prevent the wrong person from applying for a job and better ensure the right person does […]

When recruiting, assess for personality to fit the position and your company

You’re recruiting candidates for an upper-level management position and are preparing to interview the top prospects. All have the experience and education that should qualify them for the position. But beyond their names and current work titles, who are they really? And how can you determine who is most likely to succeed in the position? […]

7 benefits recruiters offer job seekers in their search

Transitioning from unemployment or underemployment to a position that’s professionally, personally, and financially fulfilling can be one of life’s most arduous tasks. And while Central Pennsylvania’s tight job market currently favors job seekers, the hunt can lead to undue stress and even burnout when going it alone. As Charlie Kelly facetiously gripes in It’s Always […]

When should you hire a recruiting agency? Take our five-question quiz to find out

Company hiring managers may be uncertain as to whether to engage a recruiting agency or handle the challenge of recruiting themselves. But with most professionals currently employed and reasonably satisfied, finding candidates for key positions is proving more difficult than ever. As 2018 began, 86 percent of highly qualified candidates for job vacancies were employed […]

Our hottest jobs in Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, York and Berks counties

What they are and how our staffing agency fills them The robust economy and low unemployment rate of the past few years has been great news for job seekers. The number of jobs available to them has steadily grown, and that trend should continue. In TriStarr’s coverage area (Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, and parts of York […]

10 pet peeves we look for when hiring employees for temp jobs

We can’t read your mind. But chances are the same employee behaviors that drive you crazy are pet peeves for us, too. So, before our temp staffing agency sends employees to your company, we screen them for a list of personal qualities that could make them difficult or impossible to work with. Here is our […]