Recruiting employees for success in entry-level positions

There’s more than a grain of truth in the saying, “You hire for attitude, train for skills.” In fact, the late Herb Kelleher, founder and former CEO of Southwest Airlines, said, “You can always teach skills. One needs to hire attitudes that fit the firm’s culture.” Now, I’m not about to downplay the importance of skills. I’m a recruiter–I […]

Adjust recruitment strategies to land promising new college graduates

Class of 2019 college graduates are entering the best job market in years. The National Association of Colleges and Employers says that companies plan to hire about 10 percent more new graduates from this year’s class than they did last year. Employers are opening up positions to them that might have once gone to more […]

Partnering with recruitment employment agencies for candidate background checks

Time and money. Most companies can’t afford to lose either by hiring the wrong person. While making a bad hire may happen on occasion, employers can minimize it with background checks of promising candidates. Background checks help ensure a job candidate is qualified for a position and poses no threat to the safety and security […]

Adjusting your recruitment strategies: How to fit a square peg into a round hole

Can recruitment strategies change with the job market? Is it always necessary to find just the right person for a job—or can a square peg be reshaped to fit into a round hole? Currently, with record low unemployment, hiring managers might need to consider candidates who are short on desired skills but are a good […]

When recruiting, assess for personality to fit the position and your company

You’re recruiting candidates for an upper-level management position and are preparing to interview the top prospects. All have the experience and education that should qualify them for the position. But beyond their names and current work titles, who are they really? And how can you determine who is most likely to succeed in the position? […]

Five mistakes to avoid when finding candidates for key positions

At a time of nearly full employment, recruiting employees who are high performers can be tough. That’s why employers should watch for missteps that can cost them a leading candidate or cause them to hire the wrong person. Such avoidable errors can send the recruitment process back to square one at the company’s expense of […]