The Doctor Will See You Now

Deciding to use a staffing firm is like deciding to go to the doctor. You ask yourself, “Do I really need to, or is this problem something I can take care of myself?”, “Will they be able to diagnose my problem?”, “Will they need to run special tests in order to find a cure?” Depending […]

Finding the best temp candidates to meet employers’ expectations

On average, nearly 17 million temporary and contract employees work with America’s staffing companies during the course of a year, according to the American Staffing Association. In Pennsylvania, temporary help came primarily from engineering, IT, and scientific sectors (38%), health care (7%), industrial (17%), administrative and clerical office work (14%), and managerial (12%). At TriStarr, […]

Temp help wanted: Employers’ demands for temp staffing are growing

Temp staffing is on the rise, not just here in southcentral Pennsylvania but across the commonwealth. Last year in Pennsylvania, an average of 120,000 temporary employees worked each week, according to the American Staffing Association—a 5 percent increase from the year before. A total of more than 582,000 people filled temp jobs during 2017, an […]

Five signs that your company would benefit from temp staffing

How do you decide if temp staffing would be the right solution for your company or department? Though everyone’s workforce needs are different, there are common signals that a temp or two (or more) can provide you the support you need, and quickly. Here are five signs that you may benefit from temp staffing services […]

Exit interviews can help you improve employee staffing and training

Does your company routinely conduct exit interviews with departing employees? If so, good, and I hope you use that information to your company’s advantage. If you don’t, you might reconsider, because you’re missing an opportunity to provide a window into your company culture and areas for improvement. Exit interviews let you get inside input on […]

10 pet peeves we look for when hiring employees for temp jobs

We can’t read your mind. But chances are the same employee behaviors that drive you crazy are pet peeves for us, too. So, before our temp staffing agency sends employees to your company, we screen them for a list of personal qualities that could make them difficult or impossible to work with. Here is our […]