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  • It’s Funny How a Few Decades Changes Everything!

    by Ira Wolfe – Success Performance Solutions

    It’s funny how a few decades changes everything! The Veterans grew up between the World Wars and during the depression. Education for most people was limited to high school. The next career step was the armed forces for most males and combat for many. Upon discharge, a few men returned to school but most started their one-stop-career, staying with the company from young adulthood through retired. Most Veterans grew up in a family with the same parents, same home, two siblings, one family car, one family radio, no air conditioning, and maybe a phonograph. For entertainment, the family would spend a few days at the beach or the lake, play board games and attend Saturday matinees at the town movie theater. Communication was limited to U.S. Mail and phone, often shared with eight neighbors via party lines. Veterans worked hard and waited until retirement to play. Now fast forward to the life of an 18-year-old today. Young lives are shaped by step-families or single parents. Few 18-year-olds have lived in the same house for more than a few years, moving as parents upscale or forced to house-hop to live with divorced parents. Many are ... Read More

  • 6 (Well 7) Companies Born During Recessions

    Here’s an interesting list that shows how difficult times can (and should) be seen as opportunities. These 6 (well 7) companies were born during recessions.

    1. Proctor & Gamble – The Panic of 1837
    2. IBM – The Long Depression, 1873-1896
    3. General Electric (GE) – Panic of 1873
    4. General Motors (GM) – Panic of 1907
    5. United Technologies Corp. (UTX) – Great Depression – 1929
    6. Federal Express (FedEx) – Oil Crisis of 1973
    (7. TriStarr Staffing – 1990-1991 Recession)

  • Should Your Boss be your Facebook Friend?

    Great and timely article on

  • Friday Stories – “The Little Things”

    On Fridays we thought we would share stories or experiences that made us smile, or made us wonder.

    A few years ago we had a wonderful temporary employee whose thoughtfulness made me stop in my tracks. Leona was a long time temporary employee who worked assignments for many of our clients. She was reliable, punctual, and always willing to take a last minute assignment. She was retired and using temporary assignments to supplement her income. She stopped into our office every Friday to pick up her paycheck and always had a smile and kind word.

    On one particular Friday afternoon she had a Ziploc bag with her. She handed the bag to me as she picked up her check, and said “Here Scott, I thought you could reuse these”. The bag was filled with empty envelopes.

    Each week when Leona would pick up her paycheck, which was in an unsealed envelope, she evidently had set the envelope aside, and on this day decided to bring them in to us to reuse. I was literally speechless, and was finally able to blurt out “thank you so much Leona!”.

    Leona is no longer with us, and we certainly miss ... Read More

  • The “Herd” Mentality

    The “Herd” Mentality
    by; Bernadette Hill, Director of Recruiting Services, TriStarr Staffing

    It seems like wherever one turns, there’s doom and gloom news about our national economy – pink slips, lagging consumer confidence and concern about our overall economic future. For sure, these are challenging times, but if you’re presently unemployed and on a job search, there are some silver linings to consider. And like me, you just might turn off CNN for a while. South-central PA has proven to be more resilient when weathering past recessions and the current one is shaping up to be no exception. Housing prices here are more stable, area employers are committed to retaining staff and growing in a responsible manner and our diverse local economy makes us less vulnerable and reliant on one industry to carry a community. Larger metro areas like the financial district in New York City are feeling the impact much harder. Here are some suggestions to stay positive and productive during your job search – and hopefully shorten its duration to a successful end game of a new job!

    Stay structured. Plan out the next day every evening and know what you want to accomplish daily – such as completing a ... Read More