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  • Busting Staffing Myths: Challenging 4 Common Misconceptions

    You feel like your job search has reached a dead end. All the excitement you felt when you first started looking for your next big opportunity has deteriorated into frustration and despair, as you fruitlessly send out resume after resume and attend uninspiring interview after uninspiring interview.

    You’re looking for an escape from the job-search treadmill. People have suggested a staffing agency as a possibility, but you’re reluctant. From what you’ve heard, using a recruiter doesn’t seem like the best option for you.

    But before making a final decision, you might want to dig a little deeper. People often go into the job search with preconceived notions about staffing agencies. But many of those assumptions are wrong.

    Here are four common myths about the staffing industry and the truth about how a recruiter can help facilitate your next opportunity.

    1) Myth: Recruiters Only Offer Temporary Positions

    It’s true: Many staffing firms provide short-term gigs. That only represents a portion of what recruiters do. Most agencies offer a variety of placements, allowing job seekers to set their own balance between flexibility and long-term commitment.

    Think of it like a dating site. Some people prefer a casual relationship. Others are looking for something long term. The matchmaker ... Read More

  • 7 benefits recruiters offer job seekers in their search

    Transitioning from unemployment or underemployment to a position that’s professionally, personally, and financially fulfilling can be one of life’s most arduous tasks. And while Central Pennsylvania’s tight job market currently favors job seekers, the hunt can lead to undue stress and even burnout when going it alone. As Charlie Kelly facetiously gripes in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “Why don’t I strap on my job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and fire off into jobland?!”

    Job recruitment companies like Tristarr Staffing exist to make that journey out of the “job cannon” and into “jobland” just a little bit easier. We recognize, however, that it can be daunting to take that first step. If you’re on the fence about utilizing recruiting agencies, consider these seven ways executive headhunters help place candidates like you:

    1. They connect you with prospects. A recruitment agency provides unparalleled access to jobs and positions that often aren’t widely advertised online or offline. As more companies search for qualified candidates every day, recruiters typically have knowledge of job openings first. This gives you a competitive edge over those who stick to prowling job boards like Monster and Indeed to secure a new role.
    1. They shepherd the process. ... Read More
  • Wages. It All Comes Down to Supply and Demand

    Wages, wages, wages.  It all comes down to supply & demand. I first learned about supply and demand in the last century, in High School!  I’m not going to bore you – if you’re reading this you know what it is.  But two news stories this morning made me think back to the big hair and parachute-pant days of the 1980’s.home-jobseekers-300x198[1]

    The US Labor Department reported this morning that weekly applications for unemployment aid dropped to by 21,000 last week to a 15 week low.  As newscasters like to say, in related news….  Wal-Mart announced yesterday that it is spending $1 Billion (yup – Billion) to increase wages and improve training of their employees.  Wal-Mart will be raising entry level wages to at least $10/hr by February of next year.  This includes the less than 6000 Wal-Mart workers who make the Federal minimum wage of $7.25/hour.

    So – is this Wal-Mart suddenly becoming benevolent and giving money away?  I guess… not.  Is this Wal-Mart attempting to fend off unionization efforts?  Again – I think not.

    It’s simple economics.  There are fewer and fewer qualified people for every job available today (the supply is ... Read More

  • Finding Your Niche

    You just graduated and you are being thrust into the big world.nich job wanted sign
    For the past twenty-ish years of your life, it has been planned out for you. You go to school, make good grades, go to college, make good grades, and get an internship. You no longer have your professors or guidance counselors or parents guiding your decisions. You are on your own. This is your wake-up call, you can do what you want, when you want it. Europe, anyone? But after the luster of receiving your diploma has worn off, you begin to realize that the world is open to you and that is a frightening concept (or it was for me at least).

    When I graduated, I thought that I had reached the pinnacle and it would effortless to land my first “real” job in the Public Relations field and I would be so successful that they would promote me to Account Manager and I would be a lifer at that organization. My expectations and my reality collided and my beliefs of effortlessness were put to bed.

    I thought that I had reached the pinnacle and it would ... Read More

  • Navigating the Outlandish Job Interview Question

    We’ve all been there; you are asked a question that completely stumps you in an interview. You are unsure how to answer it and you don’t completely understand how this question will help them make a hiring decision. So take a journey with me into the Twilight Zone of Hiring to give you a little insight into what companies want from those questions and how to avoid being a causality of that minefield.

    tough interview

    Let me give a little insight into why these outlandish questions are asked in an interview. Companies want to test your adaptability, your ability to think on your feet and then articulate your thoughts in a coherent manner even when under stress. These types of questions are a good baseline to see your ability to think fast and express your thoughts. So how do you survive these questions?

    1. First off, don’t panic! My first reaction when I first started interviewing out of college was to freak out. My response to panic was probably one of the worst things that I could do because it caused my nervous system to go into ... Read More
  • Are Temp Jobs “Bad Jobs”?

    Recently there was an article in our local paper citing a trend that temporary jobs were growing as a percentage of jobs in our area, and that this was a “bad” trend.  The article citied some statistics and opinions – that folks are certainly welcome to – but there is always another side to the story.

    Let me start by saying this – It’s my opinion that any job is better than no job.  Whether it’s a retail job, hospitality job, or temp job.  Getting out and working leads to more chances for fulltime employment than not.

    That said, let me lay out some statistics of TriStarr’s workforce and employees.  To understand the statistics it’s important to understand that (most) of the requests we receive from clients are for temporary assignments lasting 3-7 weeks.

    The newspaper article stated that the average annual wage for employees of temporary staffing services is approximately $24,000.  At TriStarr our average annual wage was $29,099.20 in 2012.  That’s 20% higher than the average.  Now – our employees are typically doing “entry level” work.  How many of your businesses starting wages are $30,000 per year?

    Oh – and by the way – Our range of annual salaries in 2012 was ... Read More

  • What Will Your Business Look Like in 3 Years?

    What Will Your Business Look Like in 3 Years?

    TriStarr’s President & CEO, Joan Paxton was recently asked this question.  Many business leaders may stammer to think of an answer, others spout off their “mission” or “vision” statement.  Joan’s answer was quick, and I believe, spot on.

    “Wherever our client’s want us to be.”

    We’ve started to see the needs of our clients shift and our revenue streams are changing.  Where our clients want us to be, may not be where they’ve wanted us to be in the past.

    TriStarr Staffing has been known for years as a boutique provider of office / clerical and administrative staffing in Lancaster and Central Pennsylvania.  Here’s what our clients have asked us to do recently.

    • One client asked us for a Japanese Translator – ORDER FILLED!
    • Another asked us for an RF Technician (and wished us luck as they had had no success finding any) – ORDER FILLED – ** we actually found them TWO!
    • Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Group is actively recruiting locally and nationally for several clients.  More and more clients have expressed interest in this concept.  We’ve successfully shown our RPO clients how they can outsource parts of their recruiting process to save ... Read More
  • Tooting Our Own Horn!!

    We regularly survey our client’s satisfaction with our service, and the performance of our temporary associates.  As I was reviewing our most recent batch of surveys I was feeling quite good about my team and  I wanted to recognize them by passing along some results.

    We ask our clients to rank our temporary employees and internal staff on a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being best)

    Internal Staff / Level of Service – AVERAGE – 4.75

    Temporary Associates Performance – AVERAGE – 4.56

    There were a couple of comments from our clients that I was especially proud of and wanted to pass along as well:

    “You could not have sent a better person.  I was 100% please with your associate.  This was the best situation I have ever had in using a temp.  Thanks!”

    “It was a pleasure working with Lauren for our staffing needs.  Her professionalism was evident in our communications in which she always responded quickly and efficiently.  Thank you!”

    I don’t do it often on these pages – but today felt like tooting our horn a bit.  A big thank you to my whole team!!

    TriStarr provides temporary and temp-to-hire staffing, professional placement services, outsourced recruiting services and HR consulting services. TriStarr Staffing carefully screens and presents ... Read More