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Posted: 06/21/2024

Today, in fields such as finance and accounting, information technology, and legal services, there is high demand for skilled candidates. Within this competitive talent market, job seekers are making cultural fit, work-life balance, and flexible working arrangements high priorities. Employers in these fields rely on professional recruiting agencies when seeking…

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Posted: 05/24/2024

We often discuss the qualities of a great candidate, but what qualities set a top recruiter apart? A top recruiter is like the perfect dinner party host. They listen attentively, introduce people that share interests but may not have met, and are ready to solve challenges gracefully. We find that…

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Posted: 04/29/2024

Every day, there are hundreds of positions open in York County, Pa., ranging from entry-level to executive roles. Finding the perfect candidate can sometimes feel like hunting for a unicorn, especially when it comes to roles that demand specialized skills, such as for the accounting, legal, or IT industries. Ultimately,…

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Posted: 04/03/2024

This candidate is a skilled Billing Specialist actively looking for their next opportunity.  They have built a unique skillet from their time in the Financial Services space and have specific experience with Medical billing, AR/AP, Collections, and Office Management. They would love to join a growing team where they can…

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Posted: 03/29/2024

Industries from accounting to zoology have embraced artificial intelligence for its efficiency at performing routine administrative tasks and for its analytic capabilities. According to SHRM, 83 percent of U.S. employers are already using AI in some capacity for HR. Recruiting and staffing agencies are jumping in as well. “TriStarr is at…

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Posted: 03/22/2024

This candidate is a skilled Financial Specialist actively looking for their next opportunity. They have successfully handled responsibilities such as estimating and managing millions of dollars annually, performing health and benefits analyses for personal clients on a monthly, quarterly, and ad hoc basis, and conducting various financial tasks such as…