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  • Temp help wanted: Employers’ demands for temp staffing are growing

    Temp staffing is on the rise, not just here in southcentral Pennsylvania but across the commonwealth. Last year in Pennsylvania, an average of 120,000 temporary employees worked each week, according to the American Staffing Association—a 5 percent increase from the year before. A total of more than 582,000 people filled temp jobs during 2017, an increase of 12.6 percent.

    A substantial temp workforce is picking up the labor slack resulting from a shortage of skilled employees during this period of historically low unemployment. Businesses find that temp workers not only get them out of a jam but also have other advantages. Hiring temps can reduce their labor costs, unemployment claims, and time spent on recruiting.

    There’s good news for temps, too. For many, the flexibility of briefer assignments matches their lifestyles and personal schedules. In addition, the chance to learn new skills increases their professional marketability. Some are even offered full-time positions with their temporary employer.

    The hottest job opportunities for today’s temp staffers

    In our service region, we’re definitely seeing a need for temps in some fields more than in others. Positions most in demand are in customer service and call centers, as well as in accounting support (mainly billing and accounts payable). ... Read More

  • Our hottest jobs in Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, York and Berks counties

    What they are and how our staffing agency fills them

    The robust economy and low unemployment rate of the past few years has been great news for job seekers. The number of jobs available to them has steadily grown, and that trend should continue.

    In TriStarr’s coverage area (Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, and parts of York and Berks counties), we routinely place workers in hot jobs—ones that are in high demand and pay reasonably well.

    So, what are the in-demand jobs in southcentral Pennsylvania, and what is our staffing agency doing to help clients fill them?

    Our clients’ jobs that are most in demand are customer service and call center positions, paying in the range of $13 to $20 an hour, and accounting assistant positions, which pay $13 to $16 an hour. Some of these are temp jobs, while others are permanent positions.

    The demand for these positions is in line with the growth in these fields. Professional and businesses services, as well as finance, are currently among the five fastest-growing industries. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists customer service representatives, along with accountants and auditors, in the top 20 occupations with most new jobs projected from 2016 to 2026.

    Other hot jobs within our ... Read More

  • Five signs that your company would benefit from temp staffing

    How do you decide if temp staffing would be the right solution for your company or department? Though everyone’s workforce needs are different, there are common signals that a temp or two (or more) can provide you the support you need, and quickly.

    Here are five signs that you may benefit from temp staffing services

    1. Seasonal workforce changes – If your demand for workers fluctuates, hiring temps can save your company a lot of money during busy seasons and short-term projects. You can increase or decrease your workforce as necessary and with minimum hassle.
    2. Reducing hiring costs – Using temps can save you money on recruiting, interviewing and training full-time staff, plus unemployment claims and lost productivity when new employees don’t work out.
    3. Job relief – Some of your employees may have too many responsibilities or feel overworked. Don’t wait until burnout motivates them to leave. Overall productivity might increase if a portion of some jobs were delegated to temps.
    4. Trying before buying – To avoid hiring the wrong person for a particular job, consider making it a temp-to-hire position. After the temp demonstrates that he or she is a good fit and can do the job well, you can make the temp a permanent ... Read More
  • 10 pet peeves we look for when hiring employees for temp jobs

    We can’t read your mind. But chances are the same employee behaviors that drive you crazy are pet peeves for us, too. So, before our temp staffing agency sends employees to your company, we screen them for a list of personal qualities that could make them difficult or impossible to work with.

    Here is our list of the ten most irritating employee behaviors, gathered from our own staffing experts and peers in the staffing services industry. Do any sound familiar?

    1. Sharing too much personal information
    2. Talking about politics or inflammatory subjects
    3. Criticizing current and former co-workers
    4. Being distracted in meetings or conversation
    5. Not responding to calls or emails in a timely manner
    6. Running late for work or meetings
    7. Taking credit for fellow employees’ work
    8. Gossiping about co-workers
    9. Being unprepared for meetings or interviews
    10. Not dressing properly for work

    We look for signs of these bad behaviors in interviews, phone calls, and email correspondence. Of course, we also screen for positive qualities in temps we hire, and we see several characteristics consistently in our best performers. Check out our blog post on the seven qualities of the best temp employees.

    TriStarr’s temp agency evaluates, selects employees for the best fit possible

    All our temp service employees go through a six-step evaluation process to ... Read More

  • Why are so many people filling temp jobs today?

    In Pennsylvania in 2016, about 114,000 temp workers were on the job each week and 517,000 over the course of the year, according to the American Staffing Association. That’s a sizable temp force, and that’s good news.

    Temps are in high demand, and more people are responding to the need

    Temporary employees are in high demand in our current strong economy and strong job market, with companies increasingly needing workers for short- or long-term assignments. As employers are challenged by finding the right permanent employees, they are depending on temp services more and more to fill the gaps. Fortunately for those employers, they are discovering that today’s temp workers are often experienced, well-educated and highly skilled.

    But just why are so many people temping? Temporary work placements are a perfect fit for many people. Some choose temp work for its flexibility (“I can say when I’m free to work”) and variety (“I enjoy the range of positions and workplaces”). Others see temp jobs as an opportunity to learn new skills and expand existing ones to become more marketable. With improved skills in hand, some are even offered full-time employment. And while it may not be the norm, some discover that their overall compensation ... Read More

  • Wages. It All Comes Down to Supply and Demand

    Wages, wages, wages.  It all comes down to supply & demand. I first learned about supply and demand in the last century, in High School!  I’m not going to bore you – if you’re reading this you know what it is.  But two news stories this morning made me think back to the big hair and parachute-pant days of the 1980’s.home-jobseekers-300x198[1]

    The US Labor Department reported this morning that weekly applications for unemployment aid dropped to by 21,000 last week to a 15 week low.  As newscasters like to say, in related news….  Wal-Mart announced yesterday that it is spending $1 Billion (yup – Billion) to increase wages and improve training of their employees.  Wal-Mart will be raising entry level wages to at least $10/hr by February of next year.  This includes the less than 6000 Wal-Mart workers who make the Federal minimum wage of $7.25/hour.

    So – is this Wal-Mart suddenly becoming benevolent and giving money away?  I guess… not.  Is this Wal-Mart attempting to fend off unionization efforts?  Again – I think not.

    It’s simple economics.  There are fewer and fewer qualified people for every job available today (the supply is ... Read More

  • Strong Hiring Numbers – Nationally and Locally

    I subscribe to several industry emails to keep current.  In one email today there were three headlines (of the total of four) that really jumped out at me.  These headlines all show strong hiring numbers nationally and corroborate what we are seeing here locally.

    First:  “US Manufacturing, Services Sectors’ July Hiring Plans Highest in Four Years”.  Based on a Society of Human Resources leading indicators survey the manufacturing sector reports that 58% of companies plan to hire and only 4.8% plan to reduce staff in July.  The services sector showed a similar trend with 54.4% reporting plans to hire and just 5.2% planning to reduce staff.  Both sectors report increased difficulty in recruiting professionals.  We are seeing this trend locally as well, with strong professional and temporary demand.  Further – we are also seeing the strongest wage pressure we’ve seen in years.  That’s upward pressure by the way.

    The other two headlines sounded similar themes:

    Second:  “US Adds 281,000 Jobs in June says ADP, Market ‘Improving’.”

    Third:  “Online Job Ads Rise in June”

    As stated above the employment market is tightening both nationally and locally.  We are seeing strong demand for qualified employees at all levels – and the supply is similar to what we were seeing ... Read More

  • Upward Wage Pressure is Forecasted

    As I’ve reported here recently – upward wage pressure is forecasted especially in the 3rd and 4th quarters this year.  Click here to see more details in an article from the Wall Street Journal earlier this week.

    Locally we are seeing upward wage pressure across all of our service lines.  As the supply of qualified labor continues to tighten increased wages are the natural progression.  Further, as the labor supply tightens and wages rise – qualified workers will be more apt to consider new positions.